This week I am going to interview Pastor Jack Hayford in his home on the topic of worship. He has such a revelation of the subject. He was in those early conferences and meetings were we spoke of a better way of leading worship that resulted in what is called today contemporary worship. It is hard for some leaders to understand how I and my colleagues could be pioneers of contemporary worship. I can see the wheels turning in their minds. "You weren't on a major label! Your name isn't a household name. You are not a prominent songwriter. Where do you fit in the who's who of worship?" Pioneers don't get much credit. Pioneers don't get much credit. They are the unseen and uncelebrated trail bla


You might be thinking, "How can the sweet intimate worship of God be a destructive weapon to do violence to Satan’s kingdom?" The answer is these weapons include actions we do in praise and worship. However, we may not have used them knowing their complete purpose. Let me explain. Most Christians, and even pastors, don’t know what happens when they worship God because they have not studied worship in the Bible or they have not told them. That is why I have given my energy to writing books—to make it easy to understand. Praise and worship, and the resulting power of God’s presence, has an effect on demons of darkness. These weapons have saved the life of our daughter and may save your life or

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