AUTHENTIC - Exploring the Mysteries of Real Worship

by LaMar Boschman

(With Study Guide for Team Training)

What is does authentic worship look like? How do you know when your worship is real worship? How would you explain worship to someone else? These questions are answered in this delightful devotional. Complete with study guide this book is great for small groups, teams, and family devotions.

"In his new book my friend, LaMar Boschman, reveals what it means to truly worship God and shares how we can experience and a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him." - Robert Morris


by LaMar Boschman

Passionately Pursuing God's Manifest Presence

Foreword by Jentezen Franklin

Do you know how to encounter God's presence?

Do you want to know God more intimately?


Man was created for God's manifest presence and is not fulfilled without it.


Discover what is God's manifest presence and how to find, enter, and live in it.


Robert Morris - "I was impressed with LaMar Boschman’s heart for God and his heart to help people encounter God in worship.”


Christine D'Clario - "This book is a must have for every person seeking for more of God and to be closer to Him.”


by LaMar Boschman

Complete with a study guide, "A Heart of Worship" will energize and invigorate your worship life, changing forever the way you view your potential, ability, and call to worship.

You will discover:

  • How to instill passion and power in your worship

  • Keys to worship renewal

  • The importance and relevance of worship

  • How to empower your worship with awe and wonder


"A heart of Worship will provide those who love to worship with the historical and spiritual reason for their action. It will give them who long to worship a new understand that will release them into the presence of God" - Micheal Coleman, Former President of Integrity Music

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