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Be Transformed into a Succesful Spiritual Leader



  1. WIRED - Created to Worship
  2. MORPHED - Changed Into What We Worship
  3. FIRST - Worship God Only
  4. WONDER - Who We Worship
  5. CALLED - Why We Worship
  6. DEVOTION - What is Worship?
  7. MOBILE - Where We Worship
  8. EXPRESSIONS - How We Worship
  9. GOD TALK - What Jesus Says About Worship
  10. DNA - The Core Elements of Worship
  11. CELESTIAL - Heaven's Perfect Worship
  12. REVEALED - God's Manifest Presence
  13. PUBLIC - Worshipping Together
  14. VERDICT - Are You a Worshiper?


  1. CAESAREA - Altars
  2. CAESAREA - Gentile Pentecost 
  3. CAPERNAUM - Why Jesus Cursed It
  4. DEAD SEA - Bring Me a Musician
  5. JERUSALEM - My Name is On it
  6. MT of BEATITUDES - Sermon on the Mount
  7. UPPER ROOM - Their Significance
  8. JOPPA - Jonah Sings in the Fish


  1. GENESIS - The Beginning of Music
  2. MELODY - The Language of Heaven
  3. SONGS - The Songs of Heaven
  4. SINGERS - The Singers of Heaven
  5. PLAYERS - The Musicians of Heaven
  6. FEATURES - The Features of Heaven
  7. PERFECTIONS - The Perfections of Lucifer
  8. MUSIC - The Music of Lucifer
  9. POSITION - The Position of Lucifer
  10. ASCEND - The Desire of Lucifer
  11. EXPULSION - The Demotion of Lucifer
  12. AGENDA - The Agenda of Lucifer
  13. THEOLOGY - A Music Theology
  14. INTENT - The Meaning of Music
  15. HEALING - Music That Heals
  16. TEACHES - Music That Teaches and Reminds
  17. WORSHIP - Music That Worships and Wars
  18. PRAYS - Music That Prays and Prophecies
  19. EMPOWERS - Music That Changes Atmospheres
  20. TESTIFIES - Music That Proclaims
CAESAREA - Gentile Pentecost

CAESAREA - Gentile Pentecost

CAESAREA - A Roman city on the Mediterranean built in honor of Augustus Caesar between 22 and 10 BC; This was were the Roman governors Felix, Festus, and Pontius Pilot lived. God used the momentum of the Roman Empire to spread the Gospel through the Mediterranean, Asia Minor, and the rest of the world. Caesarea played a crucial role in God's story. see the excavation and the restoration of the ancient Roman Amphitheater. A very significant city that God used it to spread the gospel...first gentile church, (synagogue cantors sing God's word) CORNELIUS - A Roman soldier became a believer in Caesarea (Acts 10). The Holy Spirit was poured out in Caesarea on Gentiles as Cornelius and his house were the first fruits. PHILIP - the evangelist, and his four daughters lived here (Acts 8:40; 21:8) PAUL - was put into prison and guarded in Herod's Paetorium for 2 years (Acts 24) HEROD AGRIPPA - entered this arena as the games were celebrated One day in 44 AD Herod Agrippa I entered the theatre in great pomp. Josephus said, "He was arrayed in a robe of silver tissue which glittered with a dazzling brightness under the rays of the morning sun. His courtiers, hailed him as a god, and prayed to him, so he would give them favor. King Agrippa did not repress the flattery, which fell on the ears of all Jewish by-standers as a fearful blasphemy. He accepted for himself the divine honors." …while the idolatrous homage was paid to him he was suddenly struck by an angel, and experienced a sharp pain, and carried out a dying man. He was "eaten of worms," thus perishing by the same loathsome disease as his grandfather, Herod the Great. In five days he was dead. Interestingly the King of Tyre and Lucifer was brought down because of their pride and worms consumed and covered them. Acts 12:21-23 "On the appointed day Herod, wearing his royal robes, sat on his throne and delivered a public address to the people. (ESV) The people gave him a great ovation, shouting, “It’s the voice of a god, not of a man!” (NLT) Instantly, an angel of the Lord struck Herod with a sickness, because he accepted the people’s worship instead of giving the glory to God. So he was consumed with worms and died." SONG: Here I Am to Worship Caesarea is now desolate. "The present inhabitants of the ruins are snakes, scorpions, lizards, wild boars, and jackals." It is described as the most desolate city of all Palestine. PETER - was summoned to Caesarea by the Holy Spirit. (Acts 10:17-23) Peter came from Joppa with a group of Jewish believers to Caesarea. Once Peter arrived a large group had gathered in Cornelius’ home. He shared the vision God gave Him of how all of God’s creatures are to be considered clean. It had been unacceptable for a Jew to associate or be in the home of a person of another race. God wanted everyone to know they shouldn’t call another person common or unclean Peter realized he was to preach the gospel to Cornelius and these Gentiles gathered there. Cornelius and his family were already worshipers of God and had their hearts prepared for the gospel. The Spirit of the Lord fell on them while Peter was preaching. (Acts 10:44) "Even as Peter was saying these things, the Holy Spirit fell upon all who were listening to the message.” The Jewish believers with Peter were amazed that God poured out the Holy Spirit upon Gentiles. They were speaking in tongues and praising God! (Acts 10:44-46) This is called the Gentile Pentecost - Only an undeniable demonstration of divine power could overrule all objections to including Gentiles in faith in Jesus. May the Spirit of God as you came upon the ancient gentile world come upon me that I might be a disciple who is serious and passionate about my mission in our limited time on earth. More effective servants of Jesus Kingdom having been in his land.


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