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From the Author:

Authentic worship has been my life’s journey and my life study these last three decades taking me around the world equipping leaders and movements. When you apply these principles of genuine worship they will deeply impact your life as they did mine. You will walk with God more closely, hear His voice more clearly, and see His power and presence at work in your life more frequently. Today, I speak of these divine mysteries at conferences, in books and blogs, and by mentoring leaders who desire to be equipped and empowered in authentic worship. 



Robert Morris - "In his new book my friend, LaMar Boschman, reveals what it means to truly worship God and shares how we can experience and a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him." 


"This book really took me to a new place in my worship. When Mr. Boschman listed several of God’s attributes and shared how they increase our worship it stirred something in me." - Lauren S


"The book, Authentic, invites believers to worship authentically and gives practical steps all believers can use, whether you are a new believer, a worship leader, or a long-haul Christian." - Keringten

AUTHENTIC: Exploring the Mysteries of Real Worship (includes Study Guide)

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  • (includes Study Guide)


    Also Available in Portuguese and Spanish


    Become the worshipper God is looking. Discover authentic worship’s true substance, feel its overwhelming transcendence and smell the sweetness of its purity and intimacy.


    A perfect devotional for those who want to get deeper with God. What is does authentic worship look like? How do you know when your worship is real worship? How would you explain worship to someone else? These questions are answered in this delightful devotional. Complete with study guide this book is great for small groups, teams, and family devotions.

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