PULSE - 12 Short Films created by Gateway Worship with LaMar Boschman. Each 15 minute film is shot on location in HD


Great for Personal or Small Group Study - Family Bible study, worship teams, leadership training or Bible schools.


A person's pulse is an indicator health-a sign of life. Just like a pulse indicates physical life, worship is evidence of a dynamic, growing spiritual life with the Creator. A healthy Christian life cannot exist independent of worship-they are inseparable. Prepare yourself to experience PULSE!


Join LaMar Boschman on a twelve-part series exploration into the mysteries of worship. Through creative and relevant teachings, the PULSE Study Guide, will help you align the rhythm of your life in sync with the beat of God's heart.



5 Study Guides

#1 Wired - Created to Worship

#2 Aim - Whom We Worship

#3 Drive - Why We Worship

#4 Core - What is Worship

#5 Temple - Where We Worship

#6 Romance - How We Worship

#7 Ocuppied - What Jesus Taught on Worship

#8 DNA - The Essential Elements of Worship

#9 Beyond - Perfect Worship in Heaven

#10 Dew Point - God's Revealed Presence

#11 Go Public - The Corporate Worship Service

#12 Verdict - Are You a Worshipper?

PULSE - 12 Short Film Set + Five FREE Study Guides

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