Men are pivotal points of real spiritual worship - hinges by which worship renewal will come to families and churches significantly impacting our culture. Vibrant worship, masculine worship, is full throated, full-bodied and brimming with energy, passion and joy. Wholehearted worship is what all men are made for. They are leaders and examples to their families and church families. All men can be the passionate worshipers God created them to be. Discover God's code for real men by LaMar Boschman


A perfect easy to read devotional for a man who wants to grow in God


Chapters Include:

  1. A Real Man - Where?
  2. The Model Man
  3. The Inner Man
  4. The Man Without Excuse
  5. The Real God
  6. The Man Hug
  7. The Man as Servant
  8. The Man as Leader
  9. The Corporate Leader
  10. A Man With a Mission
  11. A Man Under Stress
  12. A Man WIth a Vision

REAL MEN WORSHIP - An Inspiring Devotional

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