Discover the real purpose of music in the Kingdom of God. This book is a unique view of the Bible's major emphasis on music. Discover why music is listed in the Bible more that one thousand times. Complete with a list of all the mentions of music in the Bible.


"If you are involved in the ministry of music be it as a musician or vocally, this book is invaluable. It will enlighten you like nothing else. Please don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourself... This book is not just a good read, it is also good for the soul."  - Linda B.


"This have been one of the most interesting of all the books I have read as at student at CFNI..." - Benjamin Simms


Chapters Include:

#1 - Music, Angels, and Lucifer

#2 - Music and Satan

#3 - Music and Its Importance

#4 - Music and the Presence of God

#5 - Music and the Prophetic

#6 - Music in War

#7 - Music and Healing

#8 - Music and Exorcism

#9 - Which Music is of God?

#10 - Music, Restoration, and Revival

#11 - Music in Heaven

#12 - Music and Praise


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