During this Covid season we all are working much more at home and rely heavily on our computers. I have been editing video interviews with Christine D'Clario, Zach Neese, Julissa, Mark Harris, Daniel Calveti and others for the new online conference called Sobrenatural. I noticed my computer getting slower and slower under the stress of all my activity. So what do you do when your computer doesn't process efficiently? "Reboot." Then I realized that is what Covid has provided for us.

"Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find REST in the shadow of the Almighty.” PS 91:1 NLT

Have you taken advantage of this Covid season? Has God provided for you a long period of time to stop and rest, to stop and reboot? If you haven't done it yet you still have time. With the stress of Covid, isolation, elections and financial challenges God may be providing an opportunity for you to refresh, reboot, reinstall and refocus for the new season He has for you.

Look at what these words mean. There may be a word from God in them for you today.

  1. Refresh - give new strength, animation, or energy; reinvigorate; to freshen up: maintain by renewing supply. During this season have you freshened up your life and priorities giving yourself new energy? There are times of refreshing available in the presence of God.

  2. Recharge – to boost; to charge again; inspire or invigorate afresh. During Covid we have an opportunity to get a boost in the Word and worship of God. Get invigorated and energized in your spirit man. Be filled with the Holy Spirit.

  3. Reload – to load again; to add latest content to a webpage. Take time now, not when you are busy and unable, to load up again. Replenish the content in your mind and spirit read, learn, expand and load up on everything God has said to you.

  4. Restart – to start again; new start or beginning; to shut a computer completely down then start it back up again. Do you feel you have been completely shut down during this season? Well you are poised to start again to be refreshed and recharged.

  5. Reboot - shutting down and forcibly restarting because of malfunction. Do you feel that you have been malfunctioning? Get in God’s presence and reload the operating system your Creator gave you. Get rid of the malfunction.

  6. Renew - resume after an interruption; to extend for a further period of time. Perhaps you feel you are wearing out and your life has been interrupted. Now is the time to be renewed for a further period of time. There is a new season ahead.

  7. Restore – to bring back into existence; reestablish; to bring back to an original condition or a state of soundness. I know I need to restoration in my spirit—to reestablish and reprioritize the important things in my life. How about you?

  8. Renovate – to repair; to make new or bring to a good condition. By God’s grace you can be brought to a good condition if you let God make you new again.

  9. Replenish – to supply what is lacking; to make full or complete. Are there things lacking in your life, marriage, and relationships. He is more than able to supply what is lacking and bring you to fullness.

  10. Revive – to activate; set in motion; take up again; to restore to life. God wants to activate you, your business, your ministry, your marriage and set them into motion for what is ahead. He has plans for you.

  11. Repent – feeling contrite and remorseful; godly regret and complete change of direction or turning the other way. I have had to repent before God during this season for things in my life and turn the other way because I want to be a better person and learn all God has for me during Covid isolation. 

  12. Refocus – adjust the lens; to focus on something new or different. You are not going back to pre-Covid. You are going forward into something new and different. It will require you to adjust your lenses and see differently. What does God have for you? What is on the horizon? He wants to unveil His plans for you perhaps not so much things “to do” but “to be.”

  13. Reset - to set again to factory settings. I challenge you to take full advantage of this season to set again the God's settings in your life.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you during this season? Does He want you to reboot? What does He want you to redo or renew?

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