I was in Dubai (the Moslem Middle East about 70 miles from Iran), praying for pastors, musicians, and worship leaders when I sensed the Lord stir something in my spirit.

My question to God was, “If this part of the earth is where the end of the world will occur as we know it – the final wars, the battle of Armageddon for example; If the principles of music making in scripture are true and a reality in the Kingdom of God; then, what role do musicians and music making have in the end times?

I sensed He didn’t answer the question but spoke to my spirit. “LaMar, I want you to mentor musicians and leaders in the Arab Middle East in the supernatural music of the kingdom.” I fell to my knees and wept deeply. That commission has not come to pass yet. In the UAE I heard a call from the other side for musicians to rise up and be all they can be as kingdom musicians. Do you want to be part of that in your local church?


  1. The Bible tells us God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit all sing

  2. Music is mentioned in Holy scriptures over 1,000 times

  3. God taught the Hebrews to pray singing, praise singing, prophesy singing and preach singing

  4. Music was in the cherub that covered the throne of God

  5. God chooses to manifest in a certain kind of music

  6. Much of the Bible was originally sung – not spoken or written

  7. We are commanded to sing throughout scripture over two hundred times

  8. Music is in heaven. All of the inhabitants sing. Many play musical instruments.

  9. Singing and playing in worship to God is your eternal purpose

  10. Music is a doorway to the eternal or spiritual dimension


  1. Music must be important to God because it is mentioned in the Bible often. Approximately how many times is music mentioned in scripture?

  2. Psalms 100:2 gives a protocol for coming before God, the Holy One. What is that protocol?

  3. What does Psalm 95:2 in the NIV say to you?

  4. Psalms 22:3 says, “You are Holy enthroned on the praises of Israel.” What does the later part of that verse mean?

  5. What is the Hebrew word of “praise” in Psalm 22:3 and what does it mean?

  6. Why do you think David appointed singers to sing in the tabernacle?

  7. How were the musicians and singers supported financially?

  8. In 1 Chronicles 9:33 it says the singers were free from other responsibilities so they could do something that was of most importance to King David. What was that?

  9. What does Nehemiah 11:22-23 say about the Levitical singers?

  10. Based on the scriptures you’ve read, how important would you say the ministry of singing is God?

  11. What effect does musical praise and worship have on us?

  12. In 2 Kings 3 Elisha the prophet, who could hear and speak for God, needed a musician to do so. In your own words explain why.

  13. What happened when the musician played in 2 Kings 3:15?

  14. What does Psalm 96:1 tell us about why music is important?

  15. In The Rebirth of Music textbook, how many times does it say we are instructed to sing in the Bible?

  16. In The Rebirth of Music textbook, it is mentioned that musical praise and worship is crucial and relevant more than ever before. Why is that?

  17. The longest book in the Bible is a songbook of prayers and praise to God. How does that show us the importance of music to God?

  18. In your opinion, in Zephaniah 3:17 is it a metaphor or does God actually rejoice over you with singing?

  19. How does God singing over His people make singing important to us?

  20. What does it say in Hebrews 2:12 about the music Jesus makes?

  21. What scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit sings?

  22. Describe two things about music in 2 Chronicles 29:26-28 that strike you.

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