When I begin to record YouTube videos I had little idea where to start. I was familiar with YouTube and uploading a video and I had an iPhone 6 with 128 GB. But now what?

One of the first things I learned was that lighting was everything for the instructional videos I wanted to record. So I started with a ring light from Neewer. Be sure it is dimmable because you will need different levels of light on different days and locations. This one is.

Another tool that I have found very helpful is the Saramonic SmartRig mic adapter to plug any XLR microphone into my iPhone. I have used it to record the audio for an interview with Ana Paula Valadao. I use it when I record audio for my YouTube channel. I place an SM58 off camera and it picks up my voice better than the iPhone. It even has phantom power and a volume control.

Then of course I use my iPhone 6. If you need one here is one refurbished.

Click on any of these links for more information or to purchase. Happy video recording!

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