Recently, well known worship leader and CFNI Graduate, Ana Paula Valadao, came to me with tears in her eyes and said. “God has blessed me with favor and notoriety in my country. Young people see that and tell me they want to be famous like me. But I tell them I began as a worship leader in my local church who wanted to lead people into God’s presence.” Many young aspiring musicians have wrong impressions of what worship is. Perhaps they have not been taught worship’s true essence. There is more to experience in worship than what we have today.

Higher Ground

In my spirit I hear the Lord’s Bride cry out for a higher level of worship where time passes quickly in His Eternal presence. It is worship beyond mortal music making and an encounter with celestial music makers in heaven. It is a realm beyond the worship rhetoric of men and closer to worship lyrics of seraphs. It is a place where your spirit takes wings and you hear the lyrics that cherubs sing.

There is a higher place of worship where singers lay prostrate and musicians fall upon their guitars crying, “Holy, Holy, Holy!” At this level, the worship of the people overpowers the performance of the platform. It is where worshipers sing outside the arrangement and musicians color outside the lines because they see the Lord high and lifted up! It is about Jesus singing to His Father in the midst of His people and we join His song.

It is a realm where heaven and earth kiss and signs and wonders break out, revealing God’s is among us in power. It is a realm of worship where we don’t want it to stop, we feel so satisfied and content.

Going Higher

Have you experienced that higher worship? Do you long for it? Do you know how to get there? I ask because some leaders or believers don’t. They might have tasted it. Enjoyed it. Wanted more of it. Prayed for it. But do they know what spiritual principles took them to that dimension?

I have discovered three things that will take you to a higher level of worship.

1. Look up! The worship in heaven is perfect just like God likes it. Explore heaven’s worship music - its characteristics, dynamics and content?

2. Secondly, study the principles of worship and music in the Bible. Take a course on the theology of worship or music and learn from the over one thousand mentions of music in the Bible.

3. Thirdly, seek God in worship and prayer. Ask Him to show you the higher realm of worship. Without exception most revivals occurred as people hungered for God and waited on him in song. In other words when renewal comes so do higher levels of worship and music making.

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