WIRED - How To Know What You Worship

(Excerpt from the book Authentic)

Did you know that all humans were created to worship God? Do you want to know what you worship?

When Michael Jackson was on trial, fans came from all over the world to support him. One woman even quit her job just to stand outside the courthouse every day for months. She was willing to pay whatever it cost to be close to her hero. Why would she go to such extreme lengths just to get a glimpse of her idol? The answer is simple: She was wired to worship.

When anthropologist study a civilization, they often examine what the people in that culture worshipped. Worship is an integral part of every culture. From the Aztec Indians to the East Indians, from the Africans to the Eskimos, everyone on the earth bow down or served something or someone. It could have been a statue, witch doctor, power, wealth, an institution, an idea, a fantasy, a god or the Lord Jesus Christ. Worship is universal. Even today you have the same desire and instinct to worship, because your Creator wired you to be a worshiper.

Harold Best said that worship “includes the entire human race. It is not just about Christians but all people everywhere who are going about their worship, their submission to whatever masters them and their witness as to why the live the way they do.” Worship is essentially about value, because people automatically gravitate toward the things they value. Whatever you value the most is what you’ll esteem, invest in, adore, and worship the most. And the things you adore the most automatically become patterns and behaviors in your life.

How to know what you worship!

1. Look at the things that you do – your activities – because your actions speak loudly about what you value. The trail of your activities will lead to what you worship. You will drive the miles to do whatever your value the most.

2. Look where you spend your time. What is a priority in your day or week? Is it addictive shopping, sports team, or following the social media of your idol? You don’t have to be trained in worship it comes naturally. You gravitate to it. You will spend the time to see or do whatever you worship.

3. Look at where you spend your money. We spend money on what we esteem or value and we won’t be stingy about it. You will buy the clothes, pay the admission, cover the expenses for whatever you worship.

We will give lavishly and generously to what we value. When you value or esteem something, you give all your passion to it. You don’t carefully ration out your worship; it just gushes out from you. Just as life happen, worship happens.

What things do you value or esteem?

Relate Resources - YouTube video that explains this further. If you enjoy it subscribe to receive other videos https://youtu.be/EMoQh5gPP6s

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