The Meaning of 2018

What is in store for us in 2018?

At the beginning of a new year it is exciting to discover what God has for us. To find out the spiritual significance of the 18th year of the third millennium (or the Jewish year 5778) we must look at the spiritual realities. What is true or what has God established about 18. After all God is governing and maintaining all of creation and the affairs of men (as much as we allow Him to). So He will do the same in the new year. So let’s look at 2018 through Biblical lenses.

There are several interesting things to note about the number 18 in God’s Word.

  • 18 years it took Joshua to divide up Canaan after conquering it and its evil inhabitants.

  • 18 judges served Israel when God was their king

  • 18 years Israel was in bondage and oppressed by evil tormentors (Judges 3:12,14; 10:7-8)

  • 18 years a woman was bent over with a ‘spirit of infirmity’ then Jesus healed her

  • 18 times in Scripture ‘bondage’ is mentioned when Israel worships demon gods (Exodus 20:2-3) putting them under the power of Satan and his demons (Judges 2:7,10-12,14); the tormenting consequences of their disobedience.

However what is the most significant discovery for me was the meaning of the Hebrew number 18 and its two components 10 and 8.

The number 10 is “yod” in Hebrew (rhymes with mode). It is part of every Hebrew letter (and word) and considered the starting point of the presence of God in everything. Some consider it the “spark” of the Spirit in all things.

Ten (yod) also means arm or hand—suggesting a hand that reaches toward heaven and resembles a man in prayer or worship. Here is the significance of the number ten.

  • Ten things created on the first day of creation (God spoke ten times)

  • Ten things created at the end of the sixth day.

  • 10 commandments bringing order and blessing

  • 10th is the tithe we return to God of what we receive bringing favor and protection

  • 10 generations man lived on the earth before the flood

  • 10 plagues of judgment in Egypt

The number eight in Hebrew is “chet.” the number of grace and wisdom. It is also the letter of life and the letter of light representing the light that descends from God and ascends to God. Some Jewish mystics consider “chet” to be the doorway to light from heaven.

Eight represents grace and then new beginnings. Here are some indications of the meaning of eight.

  • 8th day is the beginning of a new week

  • 8 people were saved by God in Noah’s ark

  • 8th day is the day of circumcision for newborns in the Bible symbolizing circumcision of the heart through Christ (Romans 2:28 - 29, Colossians 2:11-13)

  • 8th son of Jesse was David—God’s choice for king of Israel and a new beginning

  • 8th day of the previous week Jesus rose from the dead (the first day of the week after a cycle of seven days)

  • 8 times Jesus showed himself alive after His resurrection—a proclamation of life

  • 888 is the Greek number of Jesus—our Savior and deliverer.

So in review the number 10 is connected with God’s presence, creation, new order, commandments, and judgment. The number 8 is the light of God, consecration, salvation, resurrection life, and new beginnings in Jesus. What happens when we put 8 and 10 together?

Could this year be a year of fresh consecration to God’s order, thereby escaping the consequences? Could this year be a year of enjoying the new beginnings of resurrection power in Jesus?

2017 was a year of divine breakthroughs and spiritual completeness. 2018 is a year to walk in those breakthroughs (in freedom). It is a doorway to the light (presence and favor) of God, a new opportunity to establish a new order a new life. It is a year of new birth requiring a cutting and washing away all the old and dead—all baggage and bondages. 2018 is a new start with 8—new beginnings and new blessings and with 10—the presence of God in all we do as we reach out in worship and prayer to Him. This is a year to walk in the abundance of God’s favor and blessings.

What are you sensing or seeing God wanting to do in 2018? What is God saying to you about the 18th year of the third millennium? I welcome your thoughts.

Have a blessed and Happy New Year!

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