Are negative and dark thoughts nagging you? Is your spirit heavy or emotionally stressed? There is a cure. You see John, the last living disciple of Jesus who leaned on his chest, was in prison forced to work in a volcanic rock quarry at the age of eighty. He probably wrestled with the same thoughts and emotions.

“As John peers into heaven through an open door, he sees the reverent and profound worship of its inhabitants, and he hears the sound of singing on the other side. He hears these lyrics: “Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!” (Rev. 4:8b)

"This is the first song of some twenty-eight songs from the other side listed in the Apocalypse. The lyrics the aliens (four unidentifiable creatures not found on earth) sing all about Yahweh and His nature. It starts with a three-fold affirmation, “Holy, holy, holy,” which speaks of the Trinity of the persons of the Godhead, equally divine in their attributes. Holy is the Father, holy is the Son and holy is the Holy Spirit, three in one. He is holy who was and is and will be. The creatures are so captured by whom God is that they never stop, never grow tired of saying this one word, “holy.”” (pg 37 Songs From the Other Side)

My question is why do they sing this word so often in the worship music of heaven? The answer is holiness is the most basic and most identifiable nature of God. It is the aspect of God that sums up all His attributes. In fact it is His crowning attribute. Holiness means separate or apart. God is all-together other than anything that is.

This is the attribute of the attributes, is the very excellency of the God’s wondrous nature because He is “glorious in holiness.’ (Ex 15:11) It is the aspect of God to be celebrated and worshiped more than any other. It is the greatest title of honor given to God.

God’s power is symbolized in His hand or arm in scripture. His all-knowing is likened to His eyes. His mercy is His bowels, eternity is His duration but holiness is God’s beauty. When you look upon the countenance and character of your spouse their spirit, goodness, attractiveness all give you warm feelings because you are beholding their beauty. In a much greater way beholding the sum of God’s nature—His holiness is beholding His beauty and it invokes emotions of awe and wonder. Holiness is the attribute that inspires transcendent worship.

Over three thousand years ago singers and players were appointed to worship God in the beauty of holiness (2 Chron. 20:21). Seraphim and angels in heaven loudly sing out the beauty of God, “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts!” (Isa 6:3). Holiness is a fuller expression of God more than anything else. It is what makes music and worship so potent and powerful. It is the key element of the worship of heaven and the key element to how we can worship God in extreme reverence and breath-taking excellence. John heard and saw worship in the beauty of holiness and it must have greatly inspired and blessed him.

If you are discouraged and down this week or facing challenges or overwhelming circumstances, I encourage you to look up and behold the beauty of our God. Let God take your breath away as you behold the beauty of His holiness. Then all the cares of life will grow strangley dim in the light of His glory. You see beholding the summation of God's nature--His holiness--brings peace and security to all His creatures.

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