“My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord;

In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up.” (Ps 5:3)

I stepped out onto my patio this morning with a cup of coffee in my hand and looked around at the shrubs and flowers to see if everything was surviving the hot summer sun. I didn’t notice the little rabbit about ten feet in front of me calmly eating monkey grass. I heard in my spirit the words, “Look up!” So I turned my face to heaven and took in the sky, the color of the clouds and the sun rising on the horizon. I was reminded how we as earth dwellers are so focused on the mundane and seldom look up.

So often we live in the minutia of the unimportant constantly trying to hit the baseballs that life relentlessly pitches at us trying to not to get hit. We are sometimes so busy with our eyes on the ball that we don’t take a moment and look up.

So I encourage you to look up this week. Soar into the vastness of the heavens with your spirit and let God take your breath away. Explore the transcendent and put your eyes on the Jesus who can keep you and sustain you through all that you are going through.

I am reminded of what I wrote in the book Authentic. “So jump into the deep end of the pool with me and explore the vastness of the realities of genuine worship. Together we will find the diamonds and pearls, those priceless things about adoration, which overwhelms the angels and cherubs who stand before the throne of our Omnipotent Potentate. Only a created beingcan appreciate standing before the face of the Creating Being. So we stand in awe in the presence of the Wondrous Mystery, The One who is unexplained and uncontained, incomprehensible and indescribable. We are overwhelmed with the gravity and profundity of His Holiness as we ascend and transcend in worship.”

Take a little time this week and look up. Look up out of the aquarium of your life and circumstances and see the realm of your Heavenly Father. Look up and behold the beauty of your Savior who gave everything for you. Look up and feel your spirit lift and your emotions quiet and realize you are in the presence of the One looking down on you – watching, guiding and guarding a special one of His creation.

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