" which have been given to us exceedingly great and

precious promises..." 2 Peter 1:4

When one year ends and another starts there is an anticipation of what the new year holds. We are finishing 2018—a year whose number means new order and new beginnings. As we look ahead to 2019 we ask ourselves what is the significance of this coming year? What can we expect?

To get perspective we look at the Biblical meaning of the number ten and the number nine. Here are some things that occurred with the number ten in the Bible.

Ten is...

  • the number of times God spoke at creation

  • the number of commandments God gave Moses

  • the number of plagues in Egypt

  • the number lepers that Jesus healed

  • the number of days the Holy Spirit waited then descended on the disciples

Biblical symbolism suggests ten is a number of law, order, government and restoration.

The number nine is also significant in the following ways.

  • Jesus died at the 9th hour

  • Jesus visited his disciples nine times after His resurrection

  • There are nine fruits of the Holy Spirit

  • There are nine gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • There are nine months to wait for the “fruit of the womb"

Some scholars say nine is the number of the Holy Spirit and represents completeness, finality, fruitfulness and fullness.

So, we could say 2018 was the beginning of something new. Nine months later is the completeness or manifestation of that thing. However we need the work of the Holy Spirit to bring the new beginnings in 2018 to fullness in 2019. Could 2019 be a year of the combination of order, restoration, completeness and fullness? Will it be a year of seeing things completed or fulfilled?

What did the Lord begin in 2018 that needs the power of the Holy Spirit to bring to fullness? What did the Lord start in you that needs to be completed this year? Share your insights to 2019 by leaving a comment below.

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