“For the choir director: a song of the descendants of Korah to be sung by soprano voices. God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.”

Ps 46:1

A song can change everything in a moment. It can change our perspective, stir our emotions and change our attitude. It was said of Martin Luther, the great reformer, that when he heard any discouraging news he would say, “Come let us sing the forty-sixth psalm.” He knew the song would change things.

Psalm forty six encourages us to hope and trust in the power, the providence and the presence of God. The song inspires us to take comfort in God when things look very bleak and black. When storms and enemies are threatening sing the lyrics of this song—sing “God is my strength and my help in times of trouble. He is my protection and help! I have no need to fear.” Then things begin to change as you declare the truth about the situation

Singing the right song at the right moment can alter your view of a situation. Though circumstance have not changed or gone away singing (this song as Luther said) of God’s strength and safety changes us.

It is amazing how singing in faith, and declaring God’s perspective, adjusts our emotions. A woman going through bankruptcy was losing everything but then she heard a song on the radio it gave her perspective of God’s faithfulness, which changed everything for her in that moment.

A woman going through divorce didn’t know how she’s going to make it. She stressed about what her future would look like. Fear gripped her heart. While flipping through stations on the radio she came across a song that gave her hope and encouragement. Then things turned and she was extremely grateful to the Lord for the song.

Pastor David Jeremiah went through a period where he was fighting cancer and physically became very weak. When he returned to the worship service he heard the choir sing Total Praise by Richard Smallwood. He began to weep. For the words “You are the strength of my life” greatly impacted him. When he was so weak and frail there was no doubt in his heart God was his strength and life.

What are you facing? Is there a storm that is building on the horizon? Are you in the midst of a battle right now? Take the advice of the sons of Korah, of Martin Luther, and of David Jeremiah and sing this song. It can change everything.

Please post your testimony and responses below.

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