When I began to pursue my calling I thought it would be somewhat easy. Perhaps you thought as I did that we would just step into fruitful ministry and it would be without pain and challenges. Because of Adam and Eve’s sin God said she would have the pain of bearing children and he would have the pain of providing food (Gen 3:16-17). Because of that curse there will be hurts and pain especially if you are serving the Lord in ministry. But good news there is a way to overcome pain.

The struggles that come with trials and obstacles grow and develop us. We can learn from Jesus. He had the pain of being misunderstood, betrayed, and falsely accused. He had to carry the load of His calling alone. You might have to carry your calling alone for a while. Leaders feel the pain of betrayal, injustice, and gossip but we bite our lip and take the high road.

Here Are Ten Keys Overcome Painful Challenges:

  1. You are not called to everyone. Let’s face it not everyone will like you or identify with your vision or perspective.

  2. Learn to lead through the pain and hurt. Cal Ripken Jr. played the most baseball games in a row of anyone. When asked how he did it he said I learned to play through the pain.

  3. The key in dealing with pain is perspective. Don’t take it personally. They are not doing it to you but to Jesus.

  4. Endure hardship as a good soldier. Soldiers don’t cry, whine or avoid the pain. Just as an athlete they endure it and press through it.

  5. Pain is necessary. Jesus said, “I had to go through this that scripture would be fulfilled” (John 19:36).

  6. Change brings painful challenges but it develops us. Stretch marks are because of the pain of growth. We don’t like change but it is necessary.

  7. Know your purpose. It will help your endure the hurt of blame and being falsely accused.

  8. Keep your eye on the promises of God. There are struggles in doing God’s will. The answer to it is to keep your passion for God and your calling.

  9. The best way to deal with pain is prayer. When in pain Jesus withdrew alone and prayed to His heavenly Father. It was so painful, and He “was in such agony of spirit, that His sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood” (Luke 22:44 NLT).

  10. Rejoice! On the other side of pain are rewards. So reset your hurt. If you break a bone it must be reset otherwise you will be handicapped in the future. Resetting bones are very painful. However, there will be more pain ahead if your bones are not set correctly. It hurts a lot but is necessary for health and growth.

I encourage you to put your hope in God. There is a song in the Bible that says, “… why are you in turmoil within me: Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.” (Ps 42:11) Put your confident reliance in God who is the only one who can help you overcome pain. Rebound, reset and re-engage. Press through the hurt. Be encouraged there is hope and health on the other side of this temporary agony. It is said in Revelation that Jesus will wipe away every tear and death, mourning, crying, and pain will be no more (Rev 21:4).

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