A strange thing happened when I was speaking at a conference in Athens, Greece. After the message I led the multi cultural audience in a worship song. When the song ended the people continued to sing spontaneously. I was amazed at the roar that came from the audience.

The sound of the many voices singing to God was so unique that the musicians stopped playing to listen. The drummer laid his head on the snare. The keyboardist knelt beside his keyboard. The bass player knelt on the floor and fell over his guitar. The awesome and most holy presence of God had suddenly invaded that room. We continued to sing for several more moments weeping in the presence of the Holy One. I’ll never forget that encounter with Him. One song had connected us with God.

The Bible says, “Come before His presence with singing.” (Ps 100:2b). A song had connected us with God’s presence that day in Athens. The song had triggered something deep inside each of us and launched our spirits into spontaneous melody. Later in the same psalm it says, “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise.” (Verse 4). The word "praise" is a musical word meaning to sing praise. You see the entrance to the courts of the King is with song.

Pastor Robert Morris, senior executive pastor of Gateway Church, begins his day with a song. Before he prays or asks God for anything, he comes close to God with song. He knows well this Biblical principle that song connects us with God.

I encourage you to begin each day with a song of praise to God and see if you don’t sense God’s evident presence. You may not be musical. Being a talented singer doesn’t matter. Singing to God is not for artists or professionals only; it is for all of God’s people. Remember one song can connect you with God.

Here are five songs that will help you connect as you sing to Him.

  1. What A Beautiful Name (Fielding, Ligertwood)

  2. Holy Spirit (Bryan & Katie Torwalt)

  3. How Great Is Our God (Tomlin)

  4. Cornerstone (Morgan, Myrin, Mote, Liljero)

  5. Revelation Song (Riddle)

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