The numinous bent down into the lower world He had designed and reached deep into the dirt. Grabbing a handful of red soil and rolling it between His thumb and forefinger He formed a clay figure. Then He bent down lower and blew into the figurine, and it instantly became a living soul.The Designer looked at His clay creature and affectionately smiled and named him “red one,” or Adam. Then He placed His living sculpture in a very prestigious and precious place called paradise.

The Progenitor and Creator manifested His presence by lovingly preparing a paradise and placing the parents of the human race in it. Eden was not only an emblem of His love, but also a result of His presence. Father formed a special place for His creature to dwell in abundance and safety.

God showed His presence again by personally doing surgery on the man, removing his rib, designing a woman from it, and placing her by Adam's side.

They were “set for life” in paradise. God's manifest presence and man's existence were inseparable. Each day toward dusk God would reveal Himself to the clay couple, and together they would walk through the oasis and converse.

The couples infatuation and fascination with their Father angered the dragon-lizard because he once was in a similar spot. It was a celestial spot before the throne of God. As the mighty musical cherub, he had covered the manifest presence of God with celestial adoration. He was next to the throne—the center of heaven’s attention—until his demotion and eviction from the presence.

The dragon would not rest from trying to destroy Adam and Eve and devised a scheme to make them lose their place in paradise. The tactic of the Serpent was to get Adam’s and Eve’s eyes off the Lord and set them on being god-like and having knowledge and power. Just as Lucifer desired to ascend in notoriety and importance, they reached for something that was not to be theirs.

God: "Look, the human has now become like one of Us..." So the

Eternal God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden

and exiled humanity from paradise.”

Genesis 3:22-24 Voice

Beware of three things that will separate us from God’s manifest presence.

  1. When we focus on ourselves—on self-gratification, self-fulfillment, and self-seeking.

  2. Anytime we ascend in importance and focus putting ourselves above God as Lucifer and Adam and Eve.

  3. The moment we disobey God we alienate ourselves from God's precious presence.

The man and woman were exiled from the place for which they were designed—the manifest presence of God. Like fish out of water, they gasped for life and grasped for provision. Humanity was not made to live outside the manifest presence of God.

I want to encourage you to stand guard. The enemy wants to break your fellowship with the Lord. To have relationship with God is the reason you were created. The enemy is constantly trying to break that fellowship and steal it from you. Why do you tolerate it? Why do you allow that to happen?

There was a time in my life when I lost the sense of God’s presence because I put other things above God. It was idolatry and it cost me dearly. What things are a constant struggle for you? What tries to separate you from God’s manifest presence?

This is an excerpt of a new book called “Encounter—Passionately Pursuing God’s Manifest Presence” If you would like the full chapter email me at and I will send it to you.

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