How Struggles Give You a Song That Brings Victory

Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley’s guitar player, once said, “If it wasn’t for the rocks in the stream’s bed the stream would have no song.” It struck me that the obstructions in our lives give us a melody. The challenges we face squeeze out of us gravely groans or melodic tones. The struggles we have give our lives a song.

What is so powerful about this is when we direct that melody to God in prayer miracles happen. I remember when Jehoshaphat was facing a very difficult situation in 2 Chronicles 20. He had no solution. They had no way out. Three armies of evil men (who sacrificed their children to a demon god), probably possessed by evil spirit, were coming to destroy God’s people. What did Jehoshaphat do?

“Jehoshaphat asked those who sang to the Eternal to lead the army and praise His magnificence and holiness… AS they sang and praised, the Eternal was ready to cause great confusion in battle for the … who had come to attack Judah. They were utterly defeated, turning on one another.” (The Voice)

The difficult situation they were facing squeezed out of their hearts a melody to God and in response God moved in power without His people lifting a finger. God responded to their faith song in the midst of an evil attack.

One song can bring victory. Your prayer songs are mighty weapons in God. When we sing in our struggles He stirs Himself to fight for us. It is a mysterious principle in scripture.

“Declare his praise (tehillah - singing praise)… the Lord will go forth like a warrior…He prevails over His enemies.” Isa 42:12-13

Song is a powerful instrument! When we sing praise or prayer God will respond. It may not be immediate but he will begin to put things in motion—like sending angels to confuse the enemy for Jehoshaphat. What a mighty weapon!

I want to encourage you. Are there rocks, or obstructions, in your life stream? Let those nuisances cause a melody in your heart and a song in your soul.

Three secrets you can do when in a struggle:

1. Have faith in God. Your heart won’t sing to God if you don’t think He knows all, is all powerful and wants what is best for you.

2. Step out in faith. Your soul may not naturally sing. It wants to complain. However, if you prime the pump and start to sing your spirit and the Holy Spirit will take over and help you sing.

3. Sing what's on your mind. You can sing a song you remember which someone else wrote. Or you can sing your own words, your own prayer or your own praise to God. It is not time to sing art. It is time sing from the heart. Cry out to God in melody.

I encourage you to let the rocks in your stream force a song of prayer and praise to God and watch what will happen. What have you seen God do in the midst of difficult situations? Share with us by commenting below. It will build our faith when we face our struggles.

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