Yesterday, I woke up in the middle of the night and heard a soldier’s voice singing. "The Captain says He is here! The Son of the One True God…” I suddenly sat straight up in bed. It was as if a military commander was in my room announcing the arrival of a VIP. I had chills! I felt sensations of wonder, awe, and heightened expectation. I knew the soldier was declaring the presence of Jesus.

Have you wanted to connect with Jesus on a deeper level? Have you wondered when and where you can encounter Him?

A pastor, who desperately wants more of God's presence, asked me this week, “How can we make ourselves attractive to God?" I was intrigued by the question. Then I realized we are already attractive to Him because He loves us so passionately and desires so much to be with us. I don’t think there is anything we can do to make ourselves more desirable to God. If we love Him, obey Him, and pursue Him we are attractive to Him. But even if we didn’t He still desires us as he did Adam and Eve.

But then I remembered there is a song that He likes that is very attractive to Him. I shared the scripture with the pastor. “You are holy enthroned on the praises of Israel” (Ps 22:3 CSB). The word "praises" here is "tehillah" a spontaneous song. When we sing this song God inhabits, dwells, and reveals His presence to us.

Just like the voice I heard last night, God is announcing He wants to come and reveal Himself to you. I encourage you to take the limits off your time with God and abandon yourself to Him.

Here is how to go deeper into God’s presence.

  1. Take the time - Set time aside to be with Jesus. Block it on your calendar and know it will take awhile.

  2. Wait on Him - Jesus is not a genie in a bottle. Wait for His appearance with respectful reverence. Have you noticed when leaders get away to seek God one common theme in their testimony is God meets them at the last moment. Why? Perhaps He is more interested in the process and being with you than the results.

  3. Clear your spirit - Don’t be posting on social media. Rid yourself of the usual stuff that clutters your mind.

  4. Tune your spirit - Just like tuning into an FM station on the radio tune your spiritual man into the Holy Spirit. A good way to do that is to sing to God.

  5. Read God's Word - Take time to read scriptures or chapters the Holy Spirit impresses upon you. God will speak to you through them.

  6. Listen - Pay attention to the impressions you get from God. You may not hear a voice but you will receive impressions and your mind will go down a path that might contain secrets God wants to share with you.

  7. Journal - Write down what you are experiencing or thinking in the moment. Your conversation with God will become increasingly clear and you will have record of your encounter. You might realize later how much God did converse with you.

Most of all enjoy the time together. Don’t focus on results of your encounter focus on the person of your encounter. Just like being with your spouse it is not the end result you are looking for but enjoying each other’s company.

How do you encounter God? Is there some key aspect not listed that helps you go deeper into God's presence?

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