This week you are probably thinking of your father as I am. When my father passed I felt a deep loss. It was challenging to know he was gone and I would not see him until heaven. Friends from around the country send me condolences. One of them said, “Your dad reminds me of my dad.”

My father, Menno Boschman (named after Menno Simmons founder of the Mennonites), loved music. He would sit on the front porch on the farm and play his guitar singing country western songs of love and of God. He showed me a few chords and I too loved music. Dad bought me a guitar for my fourteenth birthday and I was set on a course to explore the mysteries of music. Since then music of the kingdom has been my life study. I think I am like my dad.

I preached this weekend for Pastor Kevin Casey in Decatur, TX. It was a powerful and memorable time. While was there I purchased his book Who’s Your Daddy? In the book he said, “One of the main things we get from our parents is our genetic blueprint or DNA…some have never met their earthly father but they still have his influence or hereditary traits through his DNA.”

You probably resemble your father in many ways. But do you know you carry the DNA of your Father in heaven. When people see you they probably say, “You remind me of my Father.” That should be the greatest compliment someone can give us.

When you were born of the Spirit you were born a new person. You have the DNA of your Father who is in heaven. You carry His traits and are being formed into His image. People may wonder who is your daddy? But after a closer look they realize you remind them of their Heavenly Father.

Here are seven traits of a father that remind us of our Heavenly Father.

  • A father loves – He cherishes his children and wants what is best for them because he is good. “God is love.” 1 John 4:8

  • A father is an example – He leads his family by modeling what is right. He provides a moral compass for the family by demonstrating what he wants his children to be like. “Imitate me as I also imitate Christ” 1 Cor 11:1 (CSB)

  • A father corrects – When children make mistakes, he lovingly corrects them and if necessary disciplines them as does our heavenly Father. “Fathers…bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Eph 6:4 (CSB)

  • A father protects – He provides boundaries and fences for the child’s best welfare. These limits and warnings protect them from danger and destruction. This makes the children feel safe and secure. “The Lord of Hosts (armies) will protect them” Zec 9:15

  • A father provides – He is a source of what a family needs for health and sustenance. “Who hates is own flesh but provides and cares for it just as Christ does for the church.” Eph 5:29 (CSB)

  • A father encourages – Just as our Heavenly Father is always reassuring and lifting us up so fathers speak words that affirm a child and give them confidence “Encourage one another and build one another up” 1 Thes 5:11 (ESV)

If you are a father I encourage you to live as a reflection of your Abba Father. You carry His DNA. Let is shine through. If you are not a father I encourage you to honor your father and thank God for the good traits you carry of his nature. Likewise honor and adore your Heavenly Father for His perfect DNA that He has imparted to you—traits that make you look like Him.

In what ways does your father remind you of your Heavenly Dad?

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