Kimberly and I just returned from Brazil last night at 2:30 AM. we had a very powerful time of impartation to several congregations and our Levanta Brasil Mentoria. One thing we looked at is "What is Your Purpose?" Most people never really discover why they were created. They don't know the purpose of their life. We don't live to just exist and function in our responsibilities. Each of us is unique and has a God designed purpose.

But for this purpose I have raised you up, to show you my power,

so that my name may be proclaimed in all the earth." Ex 9:16

In this scripture God is telling Moses why he would stand before Pharaoh. God is revealing to Moses his purpose. What is your purpose? Why has God given you the opportunities you have? Another way to say it is what is your purpose or the call on your life—the thing you were created for?

As a mentor I like to help young leaders figure out what they are to do with their life and what brings them fulfillment. So I want to help you discover or confirm your purpose.

Here are six questions that will help you find the meaning and purpose of your life.

#1 - What are you good at? What do people say you do well? You might have to ask your friends or a trusted family member for the answer. Let them also tell you what you are not good at. It is a positive thing to discover what you should avoid doing. It eliminates the possibilities and narrows the focus. Another way to ask this is what do people compliment you on? When you notice the compliments have a pattern it could confirm that it might be part of your purpose.

#2 - What do you love to do? What energizes you? Someone once asked me, “If I had all the money in the world what would I do?” The answer was what I am doing now—equipping and empowering others in Biblical principles of encountering God. I get excited about going to Dubai or Dallas to impact and impart to others. What is that thing that you love to do?

#3 - What comes easy to you? What have done that is not difficult or frustrating? I am annoyed with ledgers, accounting and things like paperwork. However I enjoy strategizing, creating and seeing something come into existence. I know I am a strategic and creative. God made me that way and it is part of my purpose. What comes easy for you might be an indication of what you should be doing.

#4 - Is there something that you dream of doing or becoming? Perhaps you want to go to Africa to work with children. But you keep putting it off because of excuses like my parents wouldn’t like it or I don’t have time. With a little planning and savings you can do what is in your heart. It’s important to discern God’s timing but don’t let circumstances deter you from your dream.

#5 - What cause you to forget to eat or sleep? Is there something you don’t mind doing and you get so focused on it that you forget what time it is? That is something you don’t mind missing a meal or some sleep for because you get absorbed in it. It might point to what you are supposed to be doing.

#6 - What did you love to do as a child? What did you gravitate to when you played with other kids? Who did you pretend to be? When I was young I remember getting all of my siblings together and we would play church. You can guess who was the preacher and who took the offering. These things pointed me to what was in my heart, what I enjoyed and imagined myself to be. What did you visualize yourself to be when you were younger?

The answers to these questions are clues to how God made you and what you might be called to do. So write the answers down and it will become clearer what your unique calling is. Your purpose is linked to how you are wired and what fulfills you.

I trust this helps confirm, or affirm, what your purpose and calling is. Pursue it with all your heart. Have a purpose-focused week.

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