Church statesmen and prolific author Jack Hayford once said, “The real world is not only made by God but it testifies of Him. We are never so much in the 'real world' as when ascribing to God the glory or 'weight of substantial worthiness' due Him.”

God reveals aspects of His worthiness in creation around us. When you contemplate His greatness and otherness you see what He is like and that in turn invokes adoration. His unique and perfect attributes inspire worship at a higher level. In those moments you transcend the mundane and familiar. Here is the key to transcending situations.

Although to fully understand God is far beyond human comprehension, the Bible does offer several revealing glimpses into His multifaceted and multidimensional nature.

God is eternal. From vanishing point to vanishing point, Yahweh is God. God lives in the everlasting now. He has no past and no future. God dwells in eternity and appears at the beginning and end simultaneously which to Him are the same. If we talk about Him in terms of time, we make a serious error.

God is infinite. When we say God is infinite, we mean that He is limitless, and it is impossible for our limited minds to comprehend the unlimited One. God is so transcendent that He cannot be adequately perceived. No language, book, painting, or digital imagery can express Him. God is above all, outside of all, and beyond all that exists. There are no measurements or degrees with Him. God has no intervals, sizes, weights, or distances. He is absolutely boundless, unlimited, indefinable, and uncontainable.

God is sovereign. He is free to do whatever He pleases at any time and in any place to carry out His infinitely wise purposes with unlimited power. He has sovereign control over the affairs of nature, men, and history. In His sovereignty God has allowed evil to exist as a renegade fugitive in restricted areas of His creation, in a limited and temporary capacity. God has all control.

When you contemplate the greatness of God’s nature, you spiritually transcend and your natural response is to worship Him. Perhaps you sense that desire to adore Him right now, just from reading what God is like. Tears have flowed down my cheeks when I write of the pristine perfections of our beloved Heavenly Father. It is in those moments that our theology turns to doxology and our contemplation turns to veneration.

I challenge you to think about these qualities of God. They will enlarge your faith in Him and increase your affection for Him. Then all other things take their lower place in light of His preeminent otherness.

More on this subject is in the book Songs From the Other Side.

How does God’s transcendence impact you? How would you adjust your life to focus more on the wonder of God?

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