Worship is one of the most exciting subjects that a person can study. It is an endless exploration of the mystery of eternal worship. Throughout history, all tribes and cultures have worshiped something or someone. It is wired eternally in every human. Worship began before man and will outlast the earth itself. It is an eternal action of affectionate worshipers in heaven.

Here are Twelve Reasons Why We Should Study Worship

1. THE CHRISTIAN LIFE IS A LIFE OF WORSHIP. Salvation is a matter of worship. It requires a person to look up and acknowledge Jesus as Lord. That is worship. Then to confess our sins and confess Him as your Savior is also an act of worship. The story of salvation begins and ends in worship. Christian life centers in the worship of our risen Jesus.

2. CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY IS ORGANIZED AROUND WORSHIP. From the beginning of the Church, we gather in community to worship. Church means gathering. The focus of the gathering is to worship God in music, word, and prayer. It is a central focus of all believers of Christ.

3. WORSHIP CONNECTS US WITH GOD. In worship, we experience the presence of the One who inhabits our praise. Worship develops our spiritual connection with God. The worshiper encounters God in praise and prayer. Jack Hayford one said, “Worship is about encountering God.”

4. WORSHIP IS THE SOURCE OF SPIRITUAL RENEWAL. In worship, God is encountered. He speaks, He comforts, He imparts and changes us. Most every revival in church history came out of a group of believers seeking God in worship.

5. IN WORSHIP GOD SPEAKS AND IMPARTS. When we worship God He speaks TO us and acts UPON us. The presence of God ensures the power of God is with us. When we seek God in praise and worship, He is present and active.

6. WORSHIP IS THE PRIMARY WORK OF THE CHURCH. Robert Webber, “Worship is the primary calling of the church and a key to all the ministries of the church…” It is the first and greatest commandment.

7. OUT OF WORSHIP COMES ALL OTHER MINISTRIES. Preaching, prayer, good works, evangelism, missions, ministering, how you work and live our lives, all flow out of our worship life. All ministry flows out of your ministry to God in worship. God’s presence will carry us through work, relationships, ministry, and any circumstance.

8. GOD’S STORY IS ABOUT WORSHIP. Israel was a worship-shaped people. The life of Jesus is an act of sacrificial worship. The story of God culminates in believers throughout all history gathered around the divine throne in everlasting worship.

9. TO WORSHIP GOD CORRECTLY. We must worship our God and Savior in the manner He desires. If we don’t know how to worship Him in the right manner we will worship falsely. We must study worship to worship Him acceptably.

10. TO WORSHIP WITH UNDERSTANDING. Ignorance about worship makes our worship empty and void of meaning because we don’t know why we worship and what it means. We must praise and worship God knowing what we are doing.

11. BECAUSE GOD IS WORTHY OF OUR BEST WORSHIP. True worship requires a response to God that is thoughtful, costly and worthy of such a wondrous God. We study worship to give Him our best and highest worship.

12. TO PUT GOD FIRST. The first day of the week is for the Lord to worship Him. We should start not only the week but each day with worship. If we don’t study the worship of the Bible, we miss key principles that will bless God and enrich our lives.

What are your reasons for studying worship? What motivates you to find out how and what worship is?

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