It was late afternoon, almost dusk, in the Fertile Crescent where Enoch lived. It was the time when he would meet with God. This day God came in a formless mist ever swirling and moving. It was their routine to stroll together, conversing about the eternal realm of Yahweh’s kingdom. Enoch was over three hundred years old and had been meeting with God for several centuries.

During these divine encounters God revealed insights and understanding of the spiritual world. God shared with him the mystery of the ranks and activities of angels and demons.

As Adam walked and talked with God six generations prior, Enoch had the privilege of encountering God’s revealed presence and visiting with Him. "…Enoch lived in close fellowship with God for another 300 years… Enoch lived 365 years, walking in close fellowship with God..." Genesis 5:22–24 NLT

The word “walked” means the going, movement, way of man, or the journey of man through life. It speaks of the continuity of action or movement. Enoch lived his life in a continuum of communion with God. Imagine 365 days of the year for 365 years Enoch lived and most of those years he enjoyed visiting with the Holy One.

Enoch knew the manifest presence of God intimately. They had sweet communion and intimate fellowship with each other. They had a cherished friendship. "It was because of his faith that Enoch was taken up and did not have to experience death..." Hebrews 11:5 The Jerusalem Bible. All this happened because of Enoch's faith in what God said.

As Christians, we must have faith in God and in what He has spoken. This is the faith that gives substance to the things we hope for and certainty to the things we don't yet see. Enoch and God conversed with each other. When God told him something, Enoch believed it.

Intimate encounters with God’s manifest presence produce solid faith and strong confidence. Enoch had strong faith because he communed with God constantly. He believed God because he knew Him intimately. And because he believed, he experienced what God had promised him.

"It was because of his faith that Enoch was taken to the eternal world without experiencing death." Hebrews11:5 Phillips. Enoch was “translated.” God picked him up and carried him away to the eternal realm.

The challenge we receive from the life of Enoch is twofold: to walk with God and to believe what He says. To walk with God is to spend time in His presence, to live in a constant state of God-consciousness. To walk with God is to commune and fellowship with Him on a regular basis, to be where He is and to get to know Him. To walk by faith is to be motivated by what God says.

Do you long to experience that kind of encounter? Let Enoch’s life be an example to you of a higher dimension of encountering God. Seek to continually commune and converse with Him passionately and intimately. Let it be your way of living. Then it may be said of you, “(Insert your name here) walked with God.”

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