This past week was a little frustrating for us. I think if is the fatigue from isolation. Dreams are postponed, plans are on hold, ministry is curtailed (except for online and via phone), can't get with family, and every day is the same (except for Sabbaths). Add to that all the negative and misleading news and political posturing; It is all having an effect on me. I am sure if you have children at home it is even more challenging. 

This morning I read Luke 18:1. “Jesus told his disciples…they ought to pray and not lose heart.” Wanting to pray through my discouragement I looked up at my wall of books to pick a book for inspiration. It is a small library divided into five general topics--worship, prayer, spiritual warfare, leadership, marriage and devotionals. I was surprised how many books there are on prayer--how to pray for your wife, how to pray for your husband, how to pray for children, praying the words of Jesus, how to pray when discouraged or sick, and on and on.

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you." Matt 7:7 NLT

So, I began to do much more praying. Asking God to stop covid-19, stop infections, hospitalizations and deaths--destroy these works of the devil. I found myself praying throughout the day as I thought of a scripture, heard the news, or saw posts on social media. Then it dawned on me how we can pray against this evil strategy against humanity without ceasing. 

Ten ways I found that we can pray when discouraged

  1. Praying scriptures – There is a great book by Judson Cornwall, a mentor of mine, by the same title. Pray God's words and bring authority into your prayers. 

  2. Praying God’s promises – Take to the Lord every promise He has given you and ask for a fulfillment of them.

  3. Praying the news – Covid-19, social isolation, black lives matter, elections, lies spoken as facts in the news, take them to God and pray for justice, changes, and answers to these situations when you hear negative reports.

  4. Praying your needs – Cast all of your cares on the Lord. He dearly cares for you and everything about you. So pray with boldness and confidence that God will supply every need.

  5. Praying the Lord’s Prayer – Jesus' model prayer is a good way to pray correctly and effectively, because it includes repentance and declarations of His kingdom power. 

  6. Praying the neighborhood – as you look out the window or jog past a neighbor take their lives to God and ask Him to work in their lives and reveal Himself to them.

  7. Praying as intercession – when you have a strong burden for something or someone go deep in prayer and spend time praying for every aspect of that situation.

  8. Praying prophetic words and God-given dreams – though we are in isolation your future is not on hold. God is still working to fulfill His will in your life. Pray that through.

  9. Praying songs – As I hear songs throughout my day, I pray the words or thoughts the song provokes asking God to move in power.

  10. Praying in the Holy Spirit – I find myself burdened by different things in this season so I default to letting the Holy Spirit pray through me. He knows better and He prays better than I.

So, I encourage you to pray and don't lose heart. Pray in silence and stillness. Pray while walking and exercising. Pray while doing the dishes or brushing your teeth, pray while thanking God for your food. Pray by writing a letter, a journal or a post. 

The most important thing is to pray in faith believing God is able and keep on praying. Don’t give up! "You can pray for anything, and if you have faith you will receive it." Matt 21:22 NLT

Let me know how I can pray for you..

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