Many Christians want to be closer to God but believe the misconception that it is for special people or it is too difficult to do. Most just don’t know how to get closer to the One who created and saved them.

Intimacy with Jesus is a key secret to a life of blessing and favor. it has many rewards and benefits. A close relationship with Jesus changes your heart, brings encouragement, cautions and affirmations, healing and transformation.

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

John 10:10

God sent His son to earth so that you may have an exceedingly abundant life. It is a life that is over and above, extraordinary “zoe” life, meaning an active and vigorous life devoted to God. All the best that Creator Christ is He came to give you—the highest possible blessedness. Yet there is a disconnect between knowing this and receiving that blessing and favored life. The key is intimacy with Jesus

Here are five ways you can grow more intimate with Jesus and enjoy a blessed life.

  1. Take the time and get away with Jesus. It doesn’t need to be a long time but perhaps thirty minutes minimum.

  2. Worship Jesus in a song that honors some aspect of His character. Those are the type of songs sung in heaven and soon you will sense His heavenly presence. Songs about our problems have too much of us in them. Focus on Him and His greatness.

  3. Confess your sins and repent. This opens the door for humility and postures your heart to listen and receive whatever He tells you.

  4. Immerse yourself in His Word. Read scriptures that He may speak to you or impress on your spirit. Read them in faith expecting to hear Him make personal application.

  5. Ask questions and share your concerns with Him. Be honest and transparent then listen for the answers. You will be surprised at what He will tell you.

I encourage you to draw closer to Jesus this week and develop a habit of living in His presence. It is your life’s purpose and the benefit of living close to Jesus is tremendously fulfilling. It will overflow to your spouse and children.

There is a song called Linger by Tim Shepherd which will help you connect with God. You can find the song on your favorite platforms.

I don't want to hurry No, I don't want to move You are my sanctuary, my upper room So, I'll linger here with You

Push through the fear of silence, 'Til time has been removed You are my sanctuary, my upper room So, I'll linger here with You

My dwelling place, where I am safe My refuge from the storm Open my heart, to hear Your heart To love You more and more I won't move, I'll linger here with You

I want to go deeper, I want to go further I want more of You, Lord I want to go deeper, I want to go further Then I've ever been before

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