Perhaps you have asked, or thought, who caused this coronavirus pandemic? Why did this happen? Was it God, the devil, humanity, sin, or the curse? No matter what caused this pandemic it has humbled the world. The question we need to ask is not why or who but what?

What do you think God is saying during this cover-19 pandemic? Robert Morris, founding pastor of Gateway Church, said this weekend, "What does God want to change in you? God will take what was meant for evil and use it for your good."

""The LORD will complete what His purpose is for me. Lord, your gracious love is eternal; do not abandon your personal work in me." Psalm 138:8

The doors of our church buildings are shut. Our programs and ministry, as usual, are canceled. We have to ask the Sovereign One, "What are you doing?"

National economies have been brought to their knees, the nation’s borders are closed, the doors to churches are shut. Hospitals, funeral homes, and morgues are overflowing. Our pop culture idols and icons have come down. Sports arenas and concert halls are empty. We don’t gather to adore our stars and celebrities anymore.

We have seen some wonderful things happen. As a nation, we have been humbled and forced to focus on family and faith. Family dinners and family times are front and center. Fathers are connecting with their children and couples are spending much more time together. Living rooms have become offices and schools. 

There are great new opportunities to share the gospel. People are thinking about God. Bible sales have increased. Last month some publishers have seen a 44% and 60% spike in sales. Online worship services have increased. Generosity and support have brought humans together to care and comfort one another. There is a greater human connection these days.

God, in His goodness, sovereignty, and His most perfect wisdom uses all things to improve us. So what does He want to do in this season? Bob Sorge, in a recent YouTube message, challenged us to ask God. "You have gotten my attention. What do You want to do in me? What do you want to change or correct? What realignment, adjustments, and tuning do you want to do in my heart, soul or life?

I am asking myself, "God! What do You want to do in my life and ministry?" We have an opportunity to reset, reorganize, reevaluate ministry programs and procedures. Perhaps God wants to shift your focus or paradigm. If so, ask Him, “What needs to be adjusted in me?"

That is gold! When you discover the answer and allow God to work the results in you. You will be in a much better place and a better person. The fruit will be worth the storm. Be encouraged God is up to something in you! Focus on the root, not the fruit.

What is God showing you? I'd like to know and pray with you. Comment below.

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