Last week a friend was diagnosed with a mass on his brain. His wife couldn’t be with him in the hospital. While he was undergoing surgery, she gathered a group of women she was mentoring to pray. God told them to invite the Lord and His presence. As they entered into song and worship God’s love and strength came to them. Their focus shifted from fighting the enemy for her husband and turned to the glory and greatness of God. His power and love overwhelmed them.

They knew in their spirit victory and healing was coming. Sure enough, to the amazement of the doctors, the brain surgery and the recovery went so amazingly well that her husband was released early from the hospital. They are waiting for confirmation that the victory is final.

"The Lord is my strength and my song and has become my salvation." Ps 118:14

Three of the greatest prophets in the Bible, Moses (Ex. 15:2), Isaiah (Isa. 12:2) and David (Ps. 118:14) each declared, "The Lord is my strength and my song and has become my salvation." All three were musical prophets and all three had a revelation of God as their might and melody.

Strength and song are not entities detached from God. They are part of God. He embodies them. The song is in the strength. The strength is in the song. They all go together and they all are in God.

The power of these prophetic statements is God is not just the source but the provision. God is not only the giver but He is the gift.  It is His person and His presence that is your strength and your song.  He is your song... not the giver of the song but the song itself. He is your joy, your delight, and your happiness. They are contained in Him. When your faith is in God and you have a revelation of who He really is then this truth becomes personal and powerful.

“The Lord is my strength" means God Himself is your power and might to overcome and be victorious. “The Lord is my song” means God Himself is your happiness or joy. The song is Him. He is the melody and joy. 

When you embrace Him as your strength and song you will find your freedom and victory. David sang. The Lord himself is your rescue in troubled circumstances. He does not simply send help to deliver but He IS your deliverance. It is in Him. 

Do you need strength today? God’s not just going to send you a gift of power to overcome and find victory. He will come and BE your strength. Do you want to be happy and joyful? Do you need a song in your heart? Ask Him. However, He’s not going to simply give you a gift of happiness. The Lord himself will come. He IS your happiness. It is all in Him.

Do you need to be rescued from troubled circumstances? He’ll not just send an angel to work it all out but God himself will come because He is your salvation. So, declare, “The Lord Himself is my strength and my song and as a result, He has become my rescue.” 

How have you seen God be your song or your strenght? What has God rescued from recently?

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