When I was in Haiti, I could hear voodoo worshippers beating their drums and calling on the evil spirits far into the night. The voodoo gods were real to those who worshiped them. Each god is believed to be unique, and some are territorial, limited to one particular area, practice or circumstance. Some ruled over the dead carrying them to the afterlife. Others governed over the ocean and its life. Still others ruled the winds and currents.

Some Christians have a very similar concept. They limit God to a church building or to a particular form of worship. Most Christians feel closer to God in a building dedicated to worship. However, God is not more present in the church sanctuary than He is in your home. How does this affect you?

"Behold, heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain You." 1 Kings 8:27 NKJV

excerpt from the book Encounter - Passionately Pursuing God's Manifest Presence God is present in the church building. He is present in the grocery store, in your car, in your home, and in the office. God is boundless and present everywhere. No boundaries can be ascribed to Him. God fills all spaces and places with His presence in heaven and in earth. "...the High and Lofty One Who inhabits eternity, whose name is holy." Isaiah 57:15 Because God is present everywhere, to maintain and to sustain, He can do it immediately. He is so present that He can work all things instantly. He knows all things immediately because He is present everywhere, so He can act instantly. God does not require time to gather His tools or travel. It takes Him no time at all to identify the problem and to begin the process of repair. Nothing escapes His eye. He is perfectly equipped and perfectly present! God is not divided into parts. One part of His essence is not in one place while another part of His essence is in another place. He is undivided, and He is everywhere. The whole of God completely fills heaven, and the whole of God completely fills the earth. The essential presence of God cannot be multiplied or added to, for that which is infinite cannot become larger. God cannot add to Himself, for He is as large as He can possibly be. He cannot be more powerful, for He is already all powerful. He cannot be present in more places, for He is already present everywhere. He cannot gain more knowledge and wisdom for He already has all knowledge and wisdom. I encourage you to contemplate God as endless, boundless and limitless. Knowing the largeness of God increases your faith. It will help you more easily believe He can do anything. If Jesus were to come to your house and spend the winter with you would your actions and attitudes be different? Do you realize that it is impossible for Him to not be with you and not see you? What will you do differently knowing God is boundless in His presence? Remember always He is wherever you go and wherever you are!

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