I Can Only Imagine

Recently we had a memorial service for Kimberly’s father J.D., who we affectionately call Big Daddy.

It was such a privilege for the family that Pastor Tom Lane, of Gateway Church, brought the message and Philip Chapman, J.D.’s grandson, shared the eulogy. We were also honored that Mark Harris lead us in worship and a special song called I Can Only Image.

Most of us including Mark didn’t know these were the lyrics Big Daddy heard the last four days of his life as his daughter and caretaker Karen played worship music CD over him. 

After Mark sang, I Can Only Image, I shared a short exhortation of how the song speaks of your and my destiny and where JD or Big Daddy is today.

"...the day you die is better than the day you are born." Ecc 7:1

French Jesuit Priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, "We are not human beings having a temporary spiritual experience. We are spirit beings having a temporary human experience."

Big Daddy reminds us that we are spiritual beings and the real world is the spiritual world. You see as Christians we are born of the Spirit, filled with the Spirit, walking the Spirit, we set our minds on the Spirit, we pray in the Spirit, sing in the Spirit, worship in Spirit and we fight our battles in the spiritual realm. We are spirit beings who long to connect with the Spirit of our Progenitor and Creator. 

When each of us were conceived we became a living soul, or spirit being, before we manifested as a human being - and began our human experience. I remember, when I looked at my father’s body in the casket some years ago, I knew he was not there. His spirit, the real him, was not in his body. It housed his spirit man for almost 90 years. Then he dismantled it and laid it aside as a tent, as Paul said (2 Peter 1:14), and was given a spiritual body from God.

Pastor Tom so eloquently shared from Ecclesiastes 7:1, “The day of one’s death is better than one’s birth.” Death is the time of passing over which is the best day. J.D. completed his human experience and passed to the transcendent realm.

For those of us that remain we are reminded that we must make the most of our time on earth. Life isn’t as long as we might think. Our short human journey is a small part of our eternal journey. We must appreciate the life we have! I exhort you, as I did the family this weekend, to focus on your spiritual health--your spirit man who longs for the presence of Jesus. Give more time to connecting your spirit with His—talk to Him, sing to Him, read His Word, and worship Him. 

We love you Big Daddy. We are blessed to have known you and more blessed to know you are free—free from sickness and pain, free from the curse of the earth, free from the law of sin, free from the spirit of this world, free and untouchable by the Evil One.

Big Daddy is with the ultimate Big Daddy - our Heavenly Father.

We can only image…

Surrounded by God’s glory what will J.D.’s heart feel?

Will he dance for you Jesus or in awe of You be still? 

We can only image when that day comes,

When we find ourselves standing in the Son,

We can only imagine when all we do is forever,

forever worship you.

Connect with Jesus, spirit to Spirit, and set your heart and mind on spiritual things.

Here is the song I Can Only Imagine.

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