Do you know that before the beginning of time you were imagined and designed? Long before your conception you were conceived in the mind of God and thoughtfully planned for. However, that plan isn’t always evident and convenient. It is not a ‘yellow brick road’ or a ‘tip-toe through the tulips.’ Your destiny must be discovered, accepted and secured.

You guide me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny. Ps 73:24

I was listening to a message by Jack Hayford and he said something that inspired me. “God’s plans for us are wonderful and they are specific. They are filled with intended blessing, not without trial because trials stretch and grow us. We are exercised by difficulty but never doomed in the face of them. Trials and trouble are attended by blessing and we are brought through by victory.”

Your destiny does not just happen because God intended it and planned for it. Just as before a new child comes into the world the parents make plans and preparations for its arrival so God has made plans for you. However, that child’s free choice will determine the path they take. The challenges and opposition, parents, friends and mentors will all influence the child's decisions. The good and bad choices the child makes influences its path.

It is a mistake to think that our destiny will automatically become ours. We must be aware of the forces that influence and oppose our purpose.

There are five hinderances to fulfilling your destiny:

  1. Failure to know or understand your purpose.

  2. Your casual or rebellious attitude toward your Creator’s designed purpose for you.

  3. The works of the devil to destroy any hope of achieving your destiny.

  4. Doing what you think is your destiny.

  5. Working in your own power to achieve your destiny.

To secure your destiny there are three things that must happen.

  1. Your destiny must be discovered – You must come to One that created you to discover your purpose—what was intended for you. I wrote about how to find your destiny in a previous blog.

  2. Accept your destiny - Totally submit to your Designers direction and destiny for you. Partnership with Him opens the door to fulfilling your purpose. Tell Him you are all in and let Him guide and direct you.

  3. Secure your destiny – Satan is determined to derail you from God’s purpose for you. Therefore, resist the enemy, flee temptations, and know Jesus more intimately.

Jesus will guide you and empower you to fulfill what He intended. Jack Hayford reminds us, “This partnership is both ways but the power is all from Him.”

I know I have made foolish choices in my life that have detoured my destiny. By God's grace, making correct choices in the face of devastation, and getting closer to Jesus has helped me get back on track to fulfilling my destiny. It is His power that works in me to do His will.

God wants to see you become what He had in His mind for you. He delights in you and loves you passionately and perfectly. He wants you to partner with Him to fulfill His designed intentions for you. Will you be intentional and work with Him to secure your designed destiny?

What questions or suggestions do you have about your destiny?

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