In preparing for a new online course for a college called The Music of God I made an interesting discovery. I realized the music of heaven is spontaneous, continuous, flawless and we all participate.

Charles Spurgeon said, “Praise is the rehearsal of our eternal song. By grace we learn to sing, and in glory we continue to sing.”

Billy Graham added on the subject of heaven, “I believe that angels have the capacity to employ heavenly celestial music. In heaven we will be taught the language and music of the celestial world.”

Music takes place in the celestial realms and it is like nothing we have ever seen or heard. In heaven music occurs continually and absolutely perfectly. We find this music in the book of Revelation. The songs are indentations in some translations. Scholars say the phrases in quotations are called songs because of the nature of the address to God. Most of the passages that refer to speaking can be singing, especially when alluding to angelic beings. However the word for speaking is consistent with singing, so we can regard it as such.[1]

Some historians regard these poetic verses as hymns, or portions of songs. And they were actually sung by the early Christians and part of their worship to God.

These songs when lifted up to God in melody transcend time and space. These songs are the unifying element in our story of a church militant on earth that moves through struggle and martyrdom to become the church triumphant in heaven. It show us as believers in Jesus we are to sing in the struggle and we sing in victorious celebration.

Song is also the deepest expression of adoration from those who, with unveiled face, have seen Lord God Almighty. Cherubs, seraphs, angels and the redeemed all sing to Father and to the Lamb.

Seven Things About Heaven Most Christians Don't Know

  1. Heaven is the birthplace of music – it is created there and never passes away (Job 38:7)

  2. Heaven is the heavenly Jerusalem – a city of unceasing song (Heb 12:22)

  3. Heaven is spiritual Mt Zion – an elevated place where 24 Levitical priests play instruments and sing (Rev 5:8)

  4. Heaven is David’s Tabernacle - where musicians play before the presence of God 24 hours a day (1 Chron 25:1)

  5. Heaven is like the school of prophets - where new songs are composed and sung spontaneously (1 Sam 10:5)

  6. Heaven’s music is an orchestral movement – a large mass of musicians who play musical instruments and glorify God forever (Rev 15:2)

  7. Heaven is your destiny – all overcoming Christians will play and sing to God endlessly (Rev 15:2)

[1]Leon Morris, The Revelation of St. John (Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1969), 100


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