One of the sweet benefits of lingering with Jesus in prayer is that you can process things with Him. You can bring to Him the challenges and aggravating struggles that persistently annoy you. As a person of faith, you know they can’t last forever and that victory will ultimately come. But in the meantime, it is helpful to share your feelings and concerns with Jesus. Processing your problems and pain with Jesus allows Him to be your counselor

The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor….

Isa. 9:6 NLT

I remember years ago when I needed help during a dark season of my life. I went to a professional counselor and really enjoyed visiting with him. His genuine concern for me allowed me to open up and share my feelings. He would ask me,”What is going on with you?” His interest, suggestions, and objectively really helped me see things more clearly from God’s perspective and what I needed to do about them.

At times It was uncomfortable to revisit the pain but when I left his office, I always felt batter. Today, I ask myself why was that? Was it because he cared? Was it because he provided encouragement or was it that together we discovered helpful answers and solutions?

If you allow Him, Jesus could be your counselor. He is someone you can take your pain to, find empathy and ultimate healing. You can take your questions and doubts to Him and get His input. He is not only a counselor the Bible says He is a wonderful counselor. In fact, that is His name Wonderful Counselor meaning that is His nature. He sits in the high counsel of the Godhead consulting with the Father and the Holy Spirit for your good.

Four reasons why you should come to Jesus for counseling help

  1. He cares about you. He knows the number of hairs on your head so He cares about every detail of your life. 

  2. He has the answers. Jesus is all-knowing. Don’t be afraid to bring Him your questions. 

  3. He can carry your problems. Dump all your concerns and cares on Him. Sheep are not made to carry heavy burdens but your Shepherd will.

  4. He is in charge - The government will rest on His shoulders. So, go right to the top and make your complaint.

I encourage you to linger in prayer and process your concerns with your heavenly counselor. He can advise you and give you a direction, calming your fears and concerns.

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