Have you wondered where music originated and what its intended purpose is? The oldest reference to music was when the angels sang with joy on the third day of creation. These celestial newborns were given the ability to sing and did so at the witness of God's creative power.

Job 38:4-7

"Day and night they never stopped singing,"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord,

the all-powerful God,who was and is and is coming!" Rev 4:8 CSV

Five things you should know about heaven's music.

  1. In the beginning, there was no music outside of God and His Kingdom. There was no terrestrial realm of men and their musical art. Secular music did not exist! Music was only divine.

  2. God created music for His purpose. The Bible tells us that Jesus created everything that exists – visible and invisible; seen and heard. This includes music with its vibrations, tones, harmonies, and rhythms. All musical sound was created through Him and was created for Him. Music was intended to be spiritual in essence and used for a Divine design. The music of God had spiritual power and purpose.

  3. Music was originally only for God's pleasure. Music was created for the praise and worship of God, not for the benefit or pleasure of you or me. "You created all things, And by Your will (pleasure) they exist and were created." (Rev 4:11 Emphasis mine)

  4. The music in heaven is directed and focused on the throne of God. Revelation 4:6 says, "In front of the throne was a shiny sea of glass, sparkling like crystal. In the center and around the throne were four living beings… (NLT). All of the music in heaven was kingdom music commissioned by the King and played at the King’s pleasure.

  5. Jesus is conspicuous and central to heaven’s worship music. Jesus, the lamb of God, appears to be killed and bloodied from sacrifice, once dead, yet now very much alive and standing in the center of heaven’s worship music. (Revelation 5:6)

What does this say to you as a worshiper, leader, musician, singer, or songwriter? I want to encourage you there is a higher realm of music-making we have yet to attain. There is a greater encounter for us to experience in His Majesty’s magnificent presence.

There is coming a movement of kingdom-minded worshipers who want to serve at the pleasure of the King in His courts. If this registers with you ask God to show you how your worship and music can be more like that of heaven.

Pray with me, our Father in heaven, may your will for music be done on earth as it is in heaven. May the music of God continue in us, your humble worshipers and kingdom musicians. In Jesus Name. Amen.


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