Have you ever wondered where music came from? Do we assume primitive man created the first tones and rhythms and from there music evolved?

Earlier this year I was visiting with Pat Boone at an event at The King’s University. He was so intrigued by something I said that we talked for quite awhile about the power of song. I told Pat that Jack Hayford said, “The creation and consummation of the earth, and everything in between, is all in the context of song.” We were both inspired by those words and talked about the power of music in God's kingdom.

The Bible is a book of the music of God. It is the subject of an online course I'm writing. The Bible records the songs of angels, cherubs, seraphs, prophets, pastors, worshipers and of God. When God’s people experience victory, celebration, loss, prayer and worship songs spontaneously break forth. Throughout the Bible songs outnumber sighs and melodies dominate over misery.

Scientists say music is in all things the Creator has made. All creation vibrates with the sounds, melodies and pulses God gave it. The ocean waves, birds singing, the vibrations of energy strings all make rhythm or melody. From angel to animal creation makes music. From the farthest star to the smallest component of molecular structure there is tones and rhythms.

From creation to David, and from David to Jesus, song is present in life and ministry to God and to man. It is with song that prophets proclaimed God’s word and armies fought battles. Music is how signs and wonders occurred in scriptures. Melody is connected with the power of God’s presence. It has such value to God it is part of His economy and kingdom. God likes music so much He created a music angel to covered His throne. God delights in the melodies of His people so much that He said when you sing, I will come to you and reveal Myself to you.

The songs and psalms of praise and prayer are prevalent in scripture. The diverse melodies from all races of peoples in divine service throughout history culminate before the throne of God. God’s people, Jewish and Christian, have always been a people of song.

Recently I was worshiping in the Messianic service at Gateway Church and the prayer of the lighting of candles was sung, the reading of the books of Moses were sung and the pastor sang the Aaronic prayer of blessing over us. Once again, I saw how much God values music and imparted it into the worship of His people.

Do you value the privilege you have sing to God? Will you sing your prayers and praise to Him this week? He delights in hearing the melodies that arise from your heart. Be encouraged! There are encounters with God ahead for you. 

What experiences have you had when you sang to God? What did you feel? What happened?

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