This last Sunday night Kimberly and I hosted a life group with some friends from our Gateway Church Justin campus. The topic of our Bible study was The Music of God (a subject that has been my life study that I am putting in an online course).

I told our group that I’ve been hungry for a higher level of worship. There is developing in each of us an appetite for the transcendent that goes above the average, the mundane, the usual, and the ordinary! But in what direction do we look? Where’s the pattern for transcendent worship? On what horizon can we see the pure and true? The answer is in heaven.  

…Behold, a throne set in heaven, and One sat on the throne (Rev 4:2).

Worship in heaven is perfect not influenced or affected by the passions and preferences of earthlings. The presence of the evil one, the power of sin, and the curse on the earth and sinful mankind have no effect on worship in this heavenly realm. Worship rises genuine and pure from the affectionate hearts of angels and the redeemed. 

In heaven—up front and center—is not a worship artist, nor a worship leader, a pastor, or any Christian leader. Central in heaven is simply a throne and a Lamb—a seat and a sheep.

This sovereign seat is the center of everything: heaven and earth, time and eternity, all space and infinity, all things past, present, and future. It is on this highly esteemed chair that all things focus. All roads of earthlings and angels end at the throne of the Almighty. All songs of the terrestrial and the celestial will be for the One on this throne.

On the throne sits the Lord of heaven and earth—your heavenly Father, limitless in power, perfect in knowledge, and ceaseless in creativity. The worship before the throne is not about men and their musical art. All artists, dancers, musicians, singers, and leaders will fall face down before the Omnipotent Potentate, breathless with what we see and hear of Him. A little later in Revelation, John described Jesus as a Lamb and noted His proximity to the throne. 

The throne and the Lamb should always be in the middle of your worship and the central focus of your worship. It is critical that the great Sovereign One and His Son are at the center of our lyrics, our prayers, and our sermons. The seat and the Sheep are the focal point of all our worship. 

Here are five accolades you can declare in worship to the Sovereign One.

  1. The King above all kings and the Lord above all lesser lords

  2. The Potentate above all potentates and the Prince above all the princes

  3. The Sovereign over all sovereigns and the Governor over all governors

  4. The Monarch of monarchs and the Tsar of Tsars

  5. The Viceregent of viceregents and the Emperor of emperors

Where is the center and focal point of your worship? I encourage you to see your Heavenly Father and His Glorious Son as the absolute Sovereigns over all things in heaven and earth. I pray you grow in your appetite for the transcendent and resplendent would grow as you worship the King of Heaven and His Prince.

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