On Palm Sunday I cried out in my spirit "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes.” However, it was not praise but a cry for help! God save us from the plague. Hosanna means "please save us” or “I beseech you to bring about our salvation."

Hosanna comes from when Jesus rode down the Mount of Olives into Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. A large crowd was going into the city to do the same and walked with Jesus singing praises and crying out for salvation as their Messiah. This is where we come in.

“And the crowds went before Jesus, … and proceeded behind—all singing. Hosanna, praises to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Eternal One! Hosanna in the highest!”

Matt 21:9 Voice

In melodic shouts, they sang out “Please save us!” Likewise, today around the world celebrants of Christ are crying out, “Please save us from coronavirus!Heal our land!” 

Passover is also a cry for help. God instructed His people to sacrifice a spotless lamb and paint the doorposts and lintel with its blood. When the death plague comes to kill the firstborn, it will pass over you. God said no destructive plague will touch you. While isolated, waiting in their homes, they were to have a special meal indicating their readiness. That meal Jesus celebrated in His last supper with His disciples. 

It is interesting that as Israel was sheltered in place asking God to deliver them from a killer plague similarly so are we. In faith, we are gathering as families applying the blood of Jesus to the doors of our home praying that the coronavirus passes over us.

Two things we learn here. We are dependent on Jesus our coming King and should be crying out to Him in prayer and praise “Hosanna, please save us!” Secondly, we are applying the blood of Jesus our Passover lamb, on our homes and families asking the plague to pass over us. 

I encourage you to sing and say hosanna this week. It was a week of worldwide prayer. Christians around the world are praying for deliverance from this plague. In unison, we cry out "Save us O God our Messiah in the highest heaven."

Join the worldwide prayer movement Unite714 where Christians commit to pray at 7:14 every morning and evening. Pray that God would stop coronavirus, heal people, hardships mitigated, people give their lives to Jesus and that there would be a great movement of the Holy Spirit around the world.

Would you commit to pray hosanna this week and ask God to save us and heal our land? We want to stand with you as well. How can we pray for you and your family? I welcome your prayer requests. Together we can make a difference with the Lord's help.

May God save you and your family

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