Song is very important to God. He places high value on people singing His praises. Not because He is deficient in some way and needs us to praise Him. He commands we sing and urges us in scripture to sing because it is a value in the kingdom of God. Song has significant worth to Him.

Jack Hayford told me recently, “The creation and consummation of the earth is in the context of song.” I didn’t fully understand that at first but as I reflected back on all the scriptures in the Bible on song I began to realize what he was saying.

Look at the priority and purpose of song in God’s kingdom.

1. God populated heaven with celestials that have the ability to sing. (Job 38:7)

2. God created a cherub to make music and appointed him to cover His throne with music and called him the anointed cherub. (Is 14:12; Ezek 28:14,16 KJV)

3. Song predates man and has its source in heaven. (Job 38:7)

4. Angels sang when God created the sky and the earth. (Job 38:7)

5. Singing praise is how God wants us to enter His presence. (Ps 100:2) 

6. Praising God in song is connected to God’s manifest presence (Ps 22:3). He chooses to inhabit or dwell in spontaneous songs of His people.

7. David appointed singers to sing continuously before the Art of the Covenant on which was revealed the manifest presence of God. (1 Chron 6:32,32)

8. The Holy Spirit sings, helping believers sing to the Father (Eph 5:19).

9. At Pentecost they were all together seeking God in Jewish prayers (which are sung) and the Holy Spirit came in power accompanied with a sound from heaven which could have been the sound of multitudes singing (Rev 14:2 NKJV)

10. When we gather to worship angels join us. (Heb 12:22) They possibly join us in song.

11. When we gather to worship Jesus joins us in song (Heb 2:12). He joins His voice with His bride and sings praises to the Father.

12. Singing praise and worship is our ultimate destiny. (Rev 15: 2-3; Rev 14:2-3) We will join the angels in song (Rev 5:11) 

So, do you see? Where God is song is. Where singing praises are God is. Do you see the connection between God’s presence and song?

Is it any wonder that when Jesus--the manifest presence of God—is born in Bethlehem that song erupts in the earth? His manifest presence is connected to song. When Jesus our “God with us” puts on an earth suit and lives among us angels, a priest, a servant girl, a pregnant women, seniors and shepherds begin to sing. 

Remember to fill this season with songs of praise to God. Joyfully sing adoration to Jesus and let Him reveal Himself to you. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas.

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