I was impacted by the Candlelight service at Gateway Church yesterday. It consisted of mostly songs—one after another. It reminded me how God’s manifest presence was revealed on earth in the form of Jesus and seniors, youth, shepherds, and angels began to sing spontaneously. Look at all of those that sung at the coming of the Christ Child...

First, there is the song of Elizabeth. After hearing Gabriel’s message, Mary was excited to share it with her cousin Elizabeth. When Mary greeted her, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb danced because of the presence of the Baby in Mary. Elizabeth is then filled with the Holy Spirit and loudly prophesies to Mary. Her song is called the Beatitude. Historians consider Elisabeth’s and Mary’s words poetry, prophetic songs and the first hymns of the New Testament. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and then they sang.

Scripture tells us, “Be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with all your heart.”  (Eph 5:19) 

After Elizabeth’s song of blessing, Mary, (who is literally the temple of God), pregnant with the Christ Child, sings her worship in what is called the Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55).

Then, Zechariah, after being mute for nine months and he too is filled with the Holy Spirit and pours out his heart-felt joy in melody at the circumcision of his son John. (Luke 1:67-79) Zechariah sings the Benedictus

One of the most dramatic songs at the birth of Jesus is sung by the angel armies. The sky opens and armies of angels march out of heaven singing. “Glory to God in the highest realms, and on earth peace and favor to mortal man!” (Luke 2:14) These angel armies possibly marched in cadence singing a masterful and majestic song they had prepared. 

As a result of the heavenly visitation the shepherds go to see the Baby. When the shepherds return from the presence of Jesus and they too break out in song praising and glorifying God for what they saw. (Luke 2:20). Song is connected with God’s presence. 

When the time comes for Jesus to be dedicated, His parents bring Jesus to the temple. The Bible says Simeon came in the Spirit into the temple and at the presence of Jesus begins to sing what is called the Nunc Dimittis.( Luke 2:25-35)

You see when Jesus presence came to earth songs were abundant. When God is with us spiritual songs erupt. God’s manifest presence is connected with singing. 

This is why we sing at Christmas. When Jesus came to earth and revealed His presence earthlings and angels began to sing for joy. 

The Christmas carol says,

   Sing choirs of angels, 

   Sing in exaltation, 

   Sing all you citizens of heaven above. 

The song then invites all mankind to worship Jesus. 

   O come let us adore Him. 

Will you adore Jesus in song this Christmas season? Sing with all your heart, loud and strong to celebrate the presence of Jesus our Emanuel--God with us.

Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas.

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