It was approaching midnight. We were waiting in Kimberly's hospital room for her second surgery. We became concerned it may not happen. With each hour we became more frustrated. On top of that, she was in a lot of pain. In desperation, she lifted her weak voice to heaven and sang to God in her pain. Soon after we received news everything was ready for surgery. She went in and the operation went well.

David sang in Psalms 17:1,

"Hear, O LORD, my righteous plea; listen to my cry. Give ear to my prayer."

The Hebrew word for prayer in this verse is 'tephillah' or song-prayer. It is a prayer of intercession or supplication expressed in melody. David sang his prayers when he was going through difficulties. There is something spiritual powerful about letting your voice be heard in prayer.

Before Jesus left His disciples, He told them to wait for power from on high. They gathered in prayer in the upper room. Orthodox Jews to this day chant their prayers out loud. They most likely lifted their voices together – no one singing the same prayers.

There are four reasons why we should sing our prayers.

  1. It blesses God to hear the voices of His children crying out for help.  

  2. Secondly, singing your prayers builds our faith to break through the crisis we are facing. Faith comes by hearing--even our own words! 

  3. Thirdly, when we vocalize our prayers with melody, you experience a deeper place of prayer because of the emotional language of song.

  4. Fourthly, when you sing your prayers the Holy Spirit will help you sing because He is a singing Spirit (Eph 5:19)

I remember when our eighteen-year-old daughter Rachel, was in a coma.  A young Cuban couple from Miami was in town for our mentoring retreat and requested to sing over Rachel. Olivia sang a prayer out loud over her as she lay unresponsive.

It was not long after that Rachel came out of her coma and eventually regained her health. I don’t know what act of faith aided in her healing. All I know for sure was our daughter was dying and God brought her back to life and wholeness. It might have been the scriptures we read, the prayers, the worship we played or the songs we sang over her.

But I know there is power in declaring our prayers and praise in song. David, Jehoshaphat, the worship team in 2 Chronicles 5, and Paul and Silas, all sang out loud and miracles occurred. When you are in a difficult situation do you sing your petitions out loud?

I encourage you to get alone with God pick a Psalm like Psalm 25 and sing it to God. As you get used to hearing your voice you can add your own words and soon you will be at a deeper place of prayer. When your prayer song turns to a praise song God will show Himself to you and miracles will happen. The challenge is on! Sing out and sing loud! God wants to hear your prayer songs.

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