This Resurrection Sunday was one of the strangest. There were no get-togethers with family, no public worship service, and no meals out with the grandparents. It is the fifth week of isolation for us. Cabin fever has set in and there is a growing desire in me to get out and fly somewhere in the world. Yet, I am reminded there is still an invisible enemy who wants to kill and destroy.

"He who shelters in the secret place will abide

under the protection of the Almighty.”

Ps 91:1 (Multiple translations)

I love this scripture. "You hide them in the secret place of Your presence" (Ps 31:20) The Hebrew word for ‘presence' is ‘face.’ The Bible tells us that we 'shelter in place' in His face. Your safe place, where there are safety and shelter is in the secret place—hidden in Jesus’ presence. ‘The Lord alone is your refuge and place of safety.” Ps 91:2

"The Lord - All-powerful eternal One - is your shelter in place"  Ps 14:16 (emphasis mine)

Pope Francis said on Sunday, “This is a time to withdraw and reflect.” I sense we must maximize this season of isolation in the tomb of our homes. There is a purpose to our time in the tomb. Perhaps it is an opportunity die to the flesh, appetites, goals, and passions once again in hope of the resurrection of a better us.

Our idols and support systems have fallen. People are once again are getting serious with God. So many fair-weather Christians are now finding real faith and trust in God. With the threat of the death of a job, or a business, or death economically, physically, or emotionally, people are repenting and becoming more committed to Christ. Let us make the best of your tomb isolation and empty ourselves of sin and self to journey from our emptiness to fullness of Jesus.

On the first Easter Jesus' disciples were sheltered in a home for fear that they would be discovered by the leaders that killed Jesus. (John 20:19) Jesus then surprisingly appears to them in the home. This Resurrection Sunday we can only gather physically in two or three, not two hundred or two thousand. The promise is where two or three are gathered (even in our homes) Jesus will be in the midst.

You may be in the tomb of your home isolated from your family, friends and the rest of the body of Christ. But a turning is happening. Death is giving way to resurrection life. The body of Christ will soon come out of the tomb.  As Jesus rose so we will rise as His body to a new life—resurrection life.

I encourage you to embrace your tomb and die to your future. Put it in the hands of Jesus. Your resurrection is coming. Soon your tomb will be empty and you will see a new season and a new you.

What is your biggest concern in this tomb season? How can we pray for you? We are in this together.

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