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9 Ways to Hear God Better

Pastor Robert Morris in his book Frequency stated, “God wants us to live by hearing His voice. Hearing His voice is a question of identity. We hear God because of who we are and whose we are."

This sparked my curiosity because perhaps like me you have felt you want to hear God better. Pastor Robert brought it home for me when he said, “We were designed by God to hear His voice because we are sheep.“

We are created to be sheep and sheep know the voice of their shepherd. “The Good Shepherd guides his sheep by His voice. This how we live by listening to his voice,” Pastor Morris said.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them,

and they follow me. John 10:27

When I was in the Holy Land in February, I saw flocks of sheep. I understood it is common for several flocks to mingle together as the shepherds converse. I wondered how do they know what flocks are theirs because the sheep look the same. When it was time to leave each shepherd, one at a time, would start walking and make a unique sound with their voice and slowly the sheep would separate from the others and follow their shepherd.

Your new nature and relationship with Jesus gives you the ability to hear your Good Shepherd's voice even if it is a whisper. Over time you will hear His voice more and more clearly. We can mature in our ability to hear Him.

Here are nine ways we can hear Jesus’ voice and hear Him better.

  1. God will speak to you through His word. The words the Holy Spirit spoke previously, now chronicled in the Bible, are still speaking to you today.

  2. God will speak to you in your prayers. As you communicate with Jesus you will sense impressions and responses from Him.

  3. God will speak through your thoughts. Things that you hear in your spirit when you pray or go to sleep.

  4. He will speak to you through circumstances. It is a fulfillment of God ordering your steps.

  5. God may speak to you through other people. Something they say may witness to your spirit.

  6. God speaks in quietness and when your mind is focused on Him. Be still and listen. Jesus may not compete with the noises all around you. Be still and know Him.

  7. God speaks through our conscience. As you grow as a Christian God sensitizes your conscience so it lines up with the Bible.

  8. The Holy Spirit speaks through prophetic words or songs. They are inspired by the Holy Spirit to edify or comfort you.

  9. God also speaks through spiritual authorities like your pastor or parents. Godly counsel is part of hearing the full counsel of God.

I encourage you to discern His voice. God created you to know Him so He wants you to hear what He is speaking to you. Make it your desire to not only “hear" Him but to “know" Him. Ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you what He is like and what He wants you to know. He will answer your prayer.

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1 Comment

John Rok
John Rok
Aug 30, 2022

Here are nine strategies to better understand and hear Jesus' voice.

1:God will speak to you through His word.

2:God will speak to you in your prayers.

3:God will speak through your thoughts.

4:He will speak to you through circumstances.

5:God may speak to you through other people.

6:God speaks in quietness.

7:God speaks through our conscience.

8:The Holy Spirit speaks through prophetic words or songs.

9:God also speaks through spiritual authorities.

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