Discovering God's Wonder and Heaven's Worship Songs

Very few humans have ever heard these songs. The day will come when we will all stand on the other side and sing them with the angels of God. However you can encounter and explore the songs of heaven now.


Lightning plays. Thunder dances. The elements convulse around the celestial throne because of the power of the Omnipotent Potentate who sits there. The reflective response of angels, overcomers, elders and cherubs are The Songs From the Other Side.


LaMar Boschman takes an in-depth and devotional look at five songs sung around the throne of the Almighty. These songs are older than humanity, predate creation and an example to us of perfect worship.


A heart stirring devotional for those who want to know more about God and experience the wonder of heaven.


"This is a revoluntionary book...the perspective of an author who helped pioneer the worship movement in America..." - Andre 


"Songs from the Other Side is an amazing book. This book explains the songs that are being sung to the Lord before His throne." - Amber  


"With both passion and eloquence LaMar Boschman describes the realm and then bids us enter. What awaits the reader is a worship journey that leads to...that which will permanently arrest the imagination: the grandeur of the Throne Room. Here we are invited to encounter God expression of His own wonder, and then allow those sounds and songs of heaven to penetrate our present."  Steve Fry, Pastor of The Gate.

SONGS FROM THE OTHER SIDE - Discovering God's Wonder and Heaven's Worshi

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