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Equipping and Empowering Leaders


Keynote Speaker, Author, Pioneer

Authentic and transcendent worship has been my life study these last three decades taking me around the world equipping leaders and movements.


When you apply these principles of genuine worship they will deeply impact your life as they did mine. You will walk with God more closely, hear His voice more clearly, and see His power and presence at work in your life more frequently.


Today, I share these divine mysteries in books, videos, blogs, and by mentoring leaders who desire to be equipped and empowered for life and ministry.

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Authentic Course - Wired

Finding a Mentor is One of the Most Important and Strategic Career Decisions You Can Make


Wisdom, Experience, & Answers

Receive wisdom and experience from someone who has gone before.

Ask questions of a leader who has done what you desire to do.

Learn from a pioneer the unseen nuisances and Biblical principles that will take you to a more successful place in ministry. 


Inspiring audiences around the world from 8 to 80,000

LaMar has given keynote messages in Athens, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dallas, Dubai, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Keiv, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Mexico City, Monaco, Montevideo, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Qatar, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, Toronto, Vancouver, and Warsaw.

With over forty years of speaking and leading worship in multi-denominational and multi-cultural groups, LaMar Boschman has guided countless leaders and congregations on their journey to encounter God.

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LaMar Boschman is a prolific author, creator of inspirational videos, and a respected instructor for several universities and colleges. His extensive body of work includes books, videos, and college courses that have played a pivotal role in equipping and empowering leaders across diverse global movements.


What Leaders Say


Founding Pastor, Gateway Church

“I was impressed with LaMar Boschman’s heart for God and his heart to help people encounter God in worship.”

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Pastor, Diante do Trono Church

"LaMar Boschman is one of the greatest authorities on worship in the world."

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Worship leader

The Biblical truths LaMar shares helps me tremendously in my personal walk with God, and my spiritual growth as a worshiper and child of God.” 



Author and Speaker

“When you listen to LaMar you are listening to a message that has been forged through years of obedience, trials, tears and joy...a sound that is clear...prophetic and tempered.”

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